Git Contributors' Inclusion Summit

Monday, September 14th 9am-12:30 pm PDT
Tuesday, September 15th 10am-2pm PDT


Git Inclusion Summit is a partnership between the Git Core team at Google, Google OSPO (Open Source Program Office), and Microsoft OSPO. This is an initial inclusion event for the core contributors to Git. Plans for a 2021 follow-up event for a broader set of Git end users will be discussed during the summit.

Git Inclusion Summit is:

  • Monday, September 14th: one half day of training, moving from recognizing marginalization to actively planning the minimizing of marginalization where it manifests in the Git upstream project and in the Git tool.
  • Tuesday, September 15th: Unconference-style breakout sessions, to discuss specific aspects of inclusion and plans to get there.


Prior registration required.

Code of Conduct

The Git project's Code of Conduct applies.


We're providing pre-reading material (check back soon) on a range of topics.

Bookmark this page to check back for a recap on the initial September event.

Sign up for the Git Inclusion Summit mailing list to be informed about next year's larger summit.


Organized by Carmen Andoh (Google), Floor Drees (Microsoft), and Maciej Wieczorek (Google).

Supported by:
Google OSPO
Microsoft OSPO