Go packages for Google Cloud Platform services

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Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go


Go packages for Google Cloud Platform services.

import "cloud.google.com/go"

To install the packages on your system,

$ go get -u cloud.google.com/go/...

NOTE: Some of these packages are under development, and may occasionally make backwards-incompatible changes.

NOTE: Github repo is a mirror of https://code.googlesource.com/gocloud.


April 9, 2018


  • bigquery:

    • Add OpenCensus tracing.
  • firestore:

    • BREAKING CHANGE: If a document does not exist, return a DocumentSnapshot whose Exists method returns false. DocumentRef.Get and Transaction.Get return the non-nil DocumentSnapshot in addition to a NotFound error. DocumentRef.GetAll and Transaction.GetAll return a non-nil DocumentSnapshot instead of nil.
    • Add DocumentIterator.Stop. Call Stop whenever you are done with a DocumentIterator.
    • Added Query.Snapshots and DocumentRef.Snapshots, which provide realtime notification of updates. See https://cloud.google.com/firestore/docs/query-data/listen.
    • Canceling an RPC now always returns a grpc.Status with codes.Canceled.
  • spanner:

    • Add CommitTimestamp, which supports inserting the commit timestamp of a transaction into a column.

March 22, 2018


  • bigquery: Support SchemaUpdateOptions for load jobs.

  • bigtable:

    • Add SampleRowKeys.
    • cbt: Support union, intersection GCPolicy.
    • Retry admin RPCS.
    • Add trace spans to retries.
  • datastore: Add OpenCensus tracing.

  • firestore:

    • Fix queries involving Null and NaN.
    • Allow Timestamp protobuffers for time values.
  • logging: Add a WriteTimeout option.

  • spanner: Support Batch API.

  • storage: Add OpenCensus tracing.

February 26, 2018


  • bigquery:

    • Support customer-managed encryption keys.
  • bigtable:

    • Improved emulator support.
    • Support GetCluster.
  • datastore:

    • Add general mutations.
    • Support pointer struct fields.
    • Support transaction options.
  • firestore:

    • Add Transaction.GetAll.
    • Support document cursors.
  • logging:

    • Support concurrent RPCs to the service.
    • Support per-entry resources.
  • profiler:

    • Add config options to disable heap and thread profiling.
    • Read the project ID from $GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT when it's set.
  • pubsub:

    • BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Release flow control after ack/nack (instead of after the callback returns).
    • Add SubscriptionInProject.
    • Add OpenCensus instrumentation for streaming pull.
  • storage:

    • Support CORS.

January 18, 2018


  • bigquery:

    • Marked stable.
    • Schema inference of nullable fields supported.
    • Added TimePartitioning to QueryConfig.
  • firestore: Data provided to DocumentRef.Set with a Merge option can contain Delete sentinels.

  • logging: Clients can accept parent resources other than projects.

  • pubsub:

    • pubsub/pstest: A lighweight fake for pubsub. Experimental; feedback welcome.
    • Support updating more subscription metadata: AckDeadline, RetainAckedMessages and RetentionDuration.
  • oslogin/apiv1beta: New client for the Cloud OS Login API.

  • rpcreplay: A package for recording and replaying gRPC traffic.

  • spanner:

    • Add a ReadWithOptions that supports a row limit, as well as an index.
    • Support query plan and execution statistics.
    • Added OpenCensus support.
  • storage: Clarify checksum validation for gzipped files (it is not validated when the file is served uncompressed).

December 11, 2017


  • firestore BREAKING CHANGES:
    • Remove UpdateMap and UpdateStruct; rename UpdatePaths to Update. Change docref.UpdateMap(ctx, map[string]interface{}{"a.b", 1}) to docref.Update(ctx, []firestore.Update{{Path: "a.b", Value: 1}})

      Change docref.UpdateStruct(ctx, []string{"Field"}, aStruct) to docref.Update(ctx, []firestore.Update{{Path: "Field", Value: aStruct.Field}})

    • Rename MergePaths to Merge; require args to be FieldPaths

    • A value stored as an integer can be read into a floating-point field, and vice versa.

  • bigtable/cmd/cbt:
    • Support deleting a column.
    • Add regex option for row read.
  • spanner: Mark stable.
  • storage:
    • Add Reader.ContentEncoding method.
    • Fix handling of SignedURL headers.
  • bigquery:
    • If Uploader.Put is called with no rows, it returns nil without making a call.
    • Schema inference supports the “nullable” option in struct tags for non-required fields.
    • TimePartitioning supports “Field”.

Older news

Supported APIs

Google APIStatusPackage
Data Loss Preventionalphacloud.google.com/go/dlp/apiv2beta1
OS Loginalphacloud.google.com/compute/docs/oslogin/rest
Video Intelligencebetacloud.google.com/go/videointelligence/apiv1beta1

Alpha status: the API is still being actively developed. As a result, it might change in backward-incompatible ways and is not recommended for production use.

Beta status: the API is largely complete, but still has outstanding features and bugs to be addressed. There may be minor backwards-incompatible changes where necessary.

Stable status: the API is mature and ready for production use. We will continue addressing bugs and feature requests.

Documentation and examples are available at https://godoc.org/cloud.google.com/go

Visit or join the google-api-go-announce group for updates on these packages.

Go Versions Supported

We support the two most recent major versions of Go. If Google App Engine uses an older version, we support that as well. You can see which versions are currently supported by looking at the lines following go: in .travis.yml.


By default, each API will use Google Application Default Credentials for authorization credentials used in calling the API endpoints. This will allow your application to run in many environments without requiring explicit configuration.

client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx)

To authorize using a JSON key file, pass option.WithServiceAccountFile to the NewClient function of the desired package. For example:

client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx, option.WithServiceAccountFile("path/to/keyfile.json"))

You can exert more control over authorization by using the golang.org/x/oauth2 package to create an oauth2.TokenSource. Then pass option.WithTokenSource to the NewClient function: snip:# (auth-ts)

tokenSource := ...
client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx, option.WithTokenSource(tokenSource))

Cloud Datastore GoDoc

Example Usage

First create a datastore.Client to use throughout your application:

client, err := datastore.NewClient(ctx, "my-project-id")
if err != nil {

Then use that client to interact with the API:

type Post struct {
	Title       string
	Body        string `datastore:",noindex"`
	PublishedAt time.Time
keys := []*datastore.Key{
	datastore.NameKey("Post", "post1", nil),
	datastore.NameKey("Post", "post2", nil),
posts := []*Post{
	{Title: "Post 1", Body: "...", PublishedAt: time.Now()},
	{Title: "Post 2", Body: "...", PublishedAt: time.Now()},
if _, err := client.PutMulti(ctx, keys, posts); err != nil {

Cloud Storage GoDoc

Example Usage

First create a storage.Client to use throughout your application:

client, err := storage.NewClient(ctx)
if err != nil {
// Read the object1 from bucket.
rc, err := client.Bucket("bucket").Object("object1").NewReader(ctx)
if err != nil {
defer rc.Close()
body, err := ioutil.ReadAll(rc)
if err != nil {

Cloud Pub/Sub GoDoc

Example Usage

First create a pubsub.Client to use throughout your application:

client, err := pubsub.NewClient(ctx, "project-id")
if err != nil {

Then use the client to publish and subscribe:

// Publish "hello world" on topic1.
topic := client.Topic("topic1")
res := topic.Publish(ctx, &pubsub.Message{
	Data: []byte("hello world"),
// The publish happens asynchronously.
// Later, you can get the result from res:
msgID, err := res.Get(ctx)
if err != nil {

// Use a callback to receive messages via subscription1.
sub := client.Subscription("subscription1")
err = sub.Receive(ctx, func(ctx context.Context, m *pubsub.Message) {
	m.Ack() // Acknowledge that we've consumed the message.
if err != nil {

Cloud BigQuery GoDoc

Example Usage

First create a bigquery.Client to use throughout your application: snip:# (bq-1)

c, err := bigquery.NewClient(ctx, "my-project-ID")
if err != nil {
	// TODO: Handle error.

Then use that client to interact with the API: snip:# (bq-2)

// Construct a query.
q := c.Query(`
    SELECT year, SUM(number)
    FROM [bigquery-public-data:usa_names.usa_1910_2013]
    WHERE name = "William"
    GROUP BY year
    ORDER BY year
// Execute the query.
it, err := q.Read(ctx)
if err != nil {
	// TODO: Handle error.
// Iterate through the results.
for {
	var values []bigquery.Value
	err := it.Next(&values)
	if err == iterator.Done {
	if err != nil {
		// TODO: Handle error.

Stackdriver Logging GoDoc

Example Usage

First create a logging.Client to use throughout your application: snip:# (logging-1)

ctx := context.Background()
client, err := logging.NewClient(ctx, "my-project")
if err != nil {
	// TODO: Handle error.

Usually, you'll want to add log entries to a buffer to be periodically flushed (automatically and asynchronously) to the Stackdriver Logging service. snip:# (logging-2)

logger := client.Logger("my-log")
logger.Log(logging.Entry{Payload: "something happened!"})

Close your client before your program exits, to flush any buffered log entries. snip:# (logging-3)

err = client.Close()
if err != nil {
	// TODO: Handle error.

Cloud Spanner GoDoc

Example Usage

First create a spanner.Client to use throughout your application:

client, err := spanner.NewClient(ctx, "projects/P/instances/I/databases/D")
if err != nil {
// Simple Reads And Writes
_, err = client.Apply(ctx, []*spanner.Mutation{
		[]string{"name", "email"},
		[]interface{}{"alice", "a@example.com"})})
if err != nil {
row, err := client.Single().ReadRow(ctx, "Users",
	spanner.Key{"alice"}, []string{"email"})
if err != nil {


Contributions are welcome. Please, see the CONTRIBUTING document for details. We‘re using Gerrit for our code reviews. Please don’t open pull requests against this repo, new pull requests will be automatically closed.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. See Contributor Code of Conduct for more information.