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# DO NOT MODIFY. This file was generated by
# Like other uses of ServerTimestamp, the data is pruned and the field does not
# appear in the update mask, because it is in the transform. In this case An
# update operation is produced just to hold the precondition.
description: "update: ServerTimestamp with dotted field"
update: <
doc_ref_path: "projects/projectID/databases/(default)/documents/C/d"
json_data: "{\"a.b.c\": \"ServerTimestamp\"}"
request: <
database: "projects/projectID/databases/(default)"
writes: <
transform: <
document: "projects/projectID/databases/(default)/documents/C/d"
field_transforms: <
field_path: "a.b.c"
set_to_server_value: REQUEST_TIME
current_document: <
exists: true