0.3.0 (2020-11-10)


  • pubsublite: Added Pub/Sub Lite clients and routing headers (#3105) (98668fa)
  • pubsublite: Flow controller and offset tracker for the subscriber (#3132) (5899bdd)
  • pubsublite: Mock server and utils for unit tests (#3092) (586592e)
  • pubsublite: Move internal implementation details to internal/wire subpackage (#3123) (ed3fd1a)
  • pubsublite: Periodic background task (#3152) (58c12cc)
  • pubsublite: Test utils for streams (#3153) (5bb2b02)
  • pubsublite: Trackers for acks and commit cursor (#3137) (26599a0)


  • Features
    • feat(pubsublite): Types for resource paths and topic/subscription configs (#3026)
    • feat(pubsublite): Pub/Sub Lite admin client (#3036)


This is the first tag to carve out pubsublite as its own module. See: