1.23.0 (2021-09-23)


  • bigquery/reservation:
    • Deprecated SearchAssignments in favor of SearchAllAssignments
    • feat: Reservation objects now contain a creation time and an update time
    • feat: Added commitment_start_time to capacity commitments
    • feat: Force deleting capacity commitments is allowed while reservations with active assignments exist
    • feat: ML_EXTERNAL job type is supported
    • feat: Optional id can be passed into CreateCapacityCommitment and CreateAssignment
    • docs: Clarified docs for None assignments
    • fix!: Fixed pattern for BiReservation object BREAKING_CHANGE: Changed from bireservation to biReservation
    • (d9ce9d0)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: BREAKING CHANGE: changeAppendRows behavior (#4729)
  • bigquery/storage: add BigQuery Storage Write API v1 (e52c204)
  • bigquery/storage: migrate managedwriter to v1 write from v1beta2 (#4788)
  • bigquery: add session and connection support (#4754) (e846dfd)
  • bigquery: expose the query source of a rowiterator via SourceJob() (#4748)

1.22.0 (2021-08-30)


  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter/adapt: add NormalizeDescriptor (#4681) (c54aa74)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: more metrics instrumentation (#4690) (9505384)

1.21.0 (2021-08-16)


  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: add project autodetection (#4605) (d8cc9be)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: improve protobuf support (#4589) (a455082)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: more instrumentation support (#4601) (ff488c8)
  • bigquery: switch to centralized project autodetect logic (#4625) (18ff070)

Bug Fixes

  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: support non-default regions (#4566) (68418f9)

1.20.1 (2021-08-06)

Bug Fixes

  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: fix flowcontroller double-release (#4555) (67facd9)

1.20.0 (2021-07-30)


  • bigquery/connection: add cloud spanner connection support (458f15b)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter/adapt: add schema -> proto support (#4375) (4ff6243)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: add append stream plumbing (#4452) (b085384)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: add base client (#4422) (4f7193b)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: add flow controller (#4404) (9dc78e0)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: add opencensus instrumentation (#4512) (73b6f5e)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: add state tracking (#4407) (4638e17)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: naming and doc improvements (#4508) (663c899)
  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: wire in flow controller (#4501) (40571fa)
  • bigquery: add more dml statistics to query statistics (#4405) (99d5728)
  • bigquery: support decimalTargetType prioritization (#4343) (95a27f7)
  • bigquery: support multistatement transaction statistics in jobs (#4485) (4565eb7)

Bug Fixes

  • bigquery/storage/managedwriter: fix double-close error, add tests (#4502) (c6cf659)

1.19.0 (2021-06-29)


  • bigquery/storage: Add ZSTD compression as an option for Arrow. (770db30)
  • bigquery/storage: remove alpha client (#4100) (a2d137d), refs #4098
  • bigquery: add support for parameterized types (#4103) (a2330e4)
  • bigquery: add support for snapshot/restore (#4112) (4c12b42)
  • bigquery: add support for user defined TVF (#4043) (37607b4)
  • bigquery: enable project autodetection, expose project ids further (#4312) (267787e)
  • bigquery: support job deletion (#3935) (363ba03)
  • bigquery: support nullable params and geography params (#4225) (43755d3)

Bug Fixes

  • bigquery: minor rename to feature that's not yet in a release (#4320) (ef8d138)
  • bigquery: update streaming insert error test (#4321) (12f3042)

1.18.0 (2021-05-06)


  • bigquery/storage: new JSON type through BigQuery Write (9029071)
  • bigquery: augment retry predicate to support additional errors (#4046) (d4af6f7)
  • bigquery: expose ParquetOptions for loads and external tables (#4016) (f9c4ccb)
  • bigquery: support mutable clustering configuration (#3950) (0ab30da)

1.17.0 (2021-04-08)


  • bigquery/storage: add a Arrow compression options (Only LZ4 for now). feat: Return schema on first ReadRowsResponse. doc: clarify limit on filter string. (2b02a03)
  • bigquery/storage: deprecate bigquery storage v1alpha2 API (9cc6d2c)
  • bigquery/storage: updates for v1beta2 storage API - Updated comments on BatchCommitWriteStreams - Added new support Bigquery types BIGNUMERIC and INTERVAL to TableSchema - Added read rows schema in ReadRowsResponse - Misc comment updates (48b4e59)
  • bigquery: export HivePartitioningOptions in load job configurations (#3877) (7c759be)
  • bigquery: support type alias names for numeric/bignumeric schemas. (#3760) (2ee6bf4)


  • Updates to various dependencies.

1.15.0 (2021-01-14)


  • bigquery: add reservation usage stats to query statistics (#3403) (112bcde)
  • bigquery: add support for allowing Javascript UDFs to indicate determinism (#3534) (2f417a3), refs #3533

Bug Fixes

  • bigquery: address possible panic due to offset checking in handleInsertErrors (#3524) (5288511), refs #3519

1.14.0 (2020-12-04)



  • Support retries for specific http2 transport race.
  • Remove unused datasource client from bigquery/datatransfer.
  • Adds support for authorized User Defined Functions (UDFs).
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Adds additional retry support for table deletion.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Addresses issue with consuming query results using an iterator.Pager


  • Addresses issue with optimized query path changes, released in v1.11.0


  • Add support for optimized query path.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Fix issue related to the ReturnType of a bigquery Routine.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Support for Infinity/-Infinity/NaN values in NullFloat64.
  • Updates to RowIterator to address issues related to retrieving query results without explicit destination table references.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • SchemaFromJSON will now accept alias type names (e.g. INT64 vs INTEGER, STRUCT vs RECORD).
  • Support for IAM on table resources.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add support for hourly time partitioning.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add support for extracting BQML models to cloud storage.
  • Add support for specifying projected fields when ingesting datastore backups.
  • Fix issue related to defining a range partitioning range using default values.
  • Add bigquery/reservation/v1 API.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add support for materialized views.
  • Add support for policy tags (column ACLs).
  • Add bigquery/connection/v1beta1 API.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add v1 endpoint for bigquerystorage API.
  • Improved error message in bigquery.PutMultiError.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add v1beta2, v1alpha2 endpoints for bigquerystorage API.

  • Location is now reported as part of TableMetadata.


  • Add Description field for Routine entities.

  • Add support for iamMember entities on dataset ACLs.

  • Address issue when constructing a Pager from a RowIterator that referenced a result with zero result rows.

  • Add support for integer range partitioning, which affects table creation directly and via query/load jobs.

  • Add opt-out support for streaming inserts via experimental NoDedupeID sentinel.


  • Adds support for scripting feature, which includes script statistics and the ability to list jobs run as part of a script query.

  • Updates default endpoint for BigQuery from to


  • Added support for specifying default EncryptionConfig settings on the dataset.

  • Added support for EncyptionConfig as part of an ML model.

  • Added Relax() to make all fields within a Schema nullable.

  • Added a UseAvroLogicalTypes option when defining an avro extract job.


This patch release is a small fix to the go.mod to point to the post-carve out


This is the first tag to carve out bigquery as its own module. See: