• Add support for optimized query path.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Fix issue related to the ReturnType of a bigquery Routine.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Support for Infinity/-Infinity/NaN values in NullFloat64.
  • Updates to RowIterator to address issues related to retrieving query results without explicit destination table references.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • SchemaFromJSON will now accept alias type names (e.g. INT64 vs INTEGER, STRUCT vs RECORD).
  • Support for IAM on table resources.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add support for hourly time partitioning.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add support for extracting BQML models to cloud storage.
  • Add support for specifying projected fields when ingesting datastore backups.
  • Fix issue related to defining a range partitioning range using default values.
  • Add bigquery/reservation/v1 API.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add support for materialized views.
  • Add support for policy tags (column ACLs).
  • Add bigquery/connection/v1beta1 API.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add v1 endpoint for bigquerystorage API.
  • Improved error message in bigquery.PutMultiError.
  • Various updates to autogenerated clients.


  • Add v1beta2, v1alpha2 endpoints for bigquerystorage API.

  • Location is now reported as part of TableMetadata.


  • Add Description field for Routine entities.

  • Add support for iamMember entities on dataset ACLs.

  • Address issue when constructing a Pager from a RowIterator that referenced a result with zero result rows.

  • Add support for integer range partitioning, which affects table creation directly and via query/load jobs.

  • Add opt-out support for streaming inserts via experimental NoDedupeID sentinel.


  • Adds support for scripting feature, which includes script statistics and the ability to list jobs run as part of a script query.

  • Updates default endpoint for BigQuery from to


  • Added support for specifying default EncryptionConfig settings on the dataset.

  • Added support for EncyptionConfig as part of an ML model.

  • Added Relax() to make all fields within a Schema nullable.

  • Added a UseAvroLogicalTypes option when defining an avro extract job.


This patch release is a small fix to the go.mod to point to the post-carve out


This is the first tag to carve out bigquery as its own module. See: