1.10.0 (2021-02-10)


  • pubsub: add opencensus metrics for outstanding messages/bytes (#3690) (4039b82)

1.9.1 (2020-12-10)

Bug Fixes

  • pubsub: fix default stream ack deadline seconds (#3430) (a10263a)
  • pubsub: respect streamAckDeadlineSeconds with MaxExtensionPeriod (#3367) (45131b6)

1.9.0 (2020-12-03)


  • pubsub: Enable server side flow control by default with the option to turn it off (#3154) (e392e61)


NOTE: Several changes were proposed for allowing Message and PublishResult to be used outside the library. However, the decision was made to only allow packages in google-cloud-go to access NewMessage and NewPublishResult (see #3351).

  • pubsub: Allow Message and PublishResult to be used outside the package (#3200) (581bf92)
  • pubsub: Remove NewMessage and NewPublishResult (#3232) (a781a3a)

1.8.3 (2020-11-10)

Bug Fixes

  • pubsub: retry deadline exceeded errors in Acknowledge (#3157) (ae75b46)


  • Fixes:
    • fix(pubsub): track errors in published messages opencensus metric (#2970)
    • fix(pubsub): do not propagate context deadline exceeded error (#3055)


  • Suppress connection is closing on error on subscriber close. (#2951)


  • Add status code to error injection in pstest. This is a BREAKING CHANGE.


  • Add reactor options to pstest server. (#2916)


  • Make message.Modacks thread safe in pstest. (#2755)
  • Fix issue with closing publisher and subscriber client errors. (#2867)
  • Fix updating subscription filtering/retry policy in pstest. (#2901)


  • Fix issue where EnableMessageOrdering wasn't being parsed properly to SubscriptionConfig.


  • Fix issue where subscriber streams were limited because it was using a single grpc conn.
    • As a side effect, publisher and subscriber grpc conns are no longer shared.
  • Add fake time function in pstest.
  • Add support for server side flow control.


  • Add support for subscription detachment.
  • Add support for message filtering in subscriptions.
  • Add support for RetryPolicy (server-side feature).
  • Fix publish error path when ordering key is disabled.
  • Fix panic on Topic.ResumePublish method.


  • Add support for upcoming ordering keys feature.


  • Fix bug with removing dead letter policy from a subscription
  • Set default value of MaxExtensionPeriod to 0, which is functionally equivalent


  • Update to v0.54.0


  • Add support for upcoming dead letter topics feature
  • Expose Subscription.ReceiveSettings.MaxExtensionPeriod setting
  • Standardize default settings with other client libraries
    • Increase publish delay threshold from 1ms to 10ms
    • Increase subscription MaxExtension from 10m to 60m
  • Always send keepalive/heartbeat ping on StreamingPull streams to minimize stream reopen requests


  • Limit default grpc connections to 4.
  • Fix issues with OpenCensus metric for pull count not including synchronous pull messages.
  • Fix issue with publish bundle size calculations.
  • Add ClearMessages method to pstest server.


Small fix to a package name.


This is the first tag to carve out pubsub as its own module. See: