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genbot is a binary for generating gapics and creating PRs with the results. It is intended to be used as a bot, though it can be run locally too.

Getting certs


For Github, you need to generate/supply a Personal Access Token. More information on how that's done can be found here: creating a personal access token.

Running locally

Note: this may change your ~/.gitconfig, ~/.gitcookies, and use up non-trivial amounts of space on your computer.

  1. Make sure you are on a non-Windows platform. If you are using windows continue on to the docker instructions.
  2. Make sure you have all the tools installed listed in genlocal's
  3. Run:
cd /path/to/internal/gapicgen
go run \
    --githubAccessToken=$GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN \
    --githubUsername=$GITHUB_USERNAME \
    --githubName="Jean de Klerk" \ \

Run with docker

Note: this can be quite slow (~10m).

Note: this may leave a lot of docker resources laying around. Use docker system prune to clean up after runs.

cd /path/to/internal/gapicgen/cmd/genbot
docker build . -t genbot
docker run -t --rm --privileged \
    -v `pwd`/../..:/gapicgen \
    -e GITHUB_NAME \


How to bump to a later version of the microgenerator

cd /path/to/internal/gapicgen
go get -u

(it's just based on the go.mod entry)