• The String() method of NullString, NullTime and NullDate will now return an unquoted string instead of a quoted string. This is a BREAKING CHANGE. If you relied on the old behavior, please use fmt.Sprintf(“%q”, T).
  • The Spanner client will now use the new BatchCreateSessions RPC to initialize the session pool. This will improve the startup time of clients that are initialized with a minimum number of sessions greater than zero (i.e. SessionPoolConfig.MinOpened>0).
  • Spanner clients that are created with the NewClient method will now default to a minimum of 100 opened sessions in the pool (i.e. SessionPoolConfig.MinOpened=100). This will improve the performance of the first transaction/query that is executed by an application, as a session will normally not have to be created as part of the transaction. Spanner clients that are created with the NewClientWithConfig method are not affected by this change.
  • The session pool maintenance worker has been improved so it keeps better track of the actual number of sessions needed. It will now less often delete and re-create sessions. This can improve the overall performance of applications with a low transaction rate.


This is the first tag to carve out spanner as its own module. See: