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Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package spanner
import (
proto3 ""
sppb ""
// Test Statement.bindParams.
func TestBindParams(t *testing.T) {
// Verify Statement.bindParams generates correct values and types.
st := Statement{
SQL: "SELECT id from t_foo WHERE col = @var",
Params: map[string]interface{}{"var": nil},
want := &sppb.ExecuteSqlRequest{
Params: &proto3.Struct{
Fields: map[string]*proto3.Value{"var": nil},
ParamTypes: map[string]*sppb.Type{"var": nil},
var (
t1, _ = time.Parse(time.RFC3339Nano, "2016-11-15T15:04:05.999999999Z")
// Boundaries
t2, _ = time.Parse(time.RFC3339Nano, "0001-01-01T00:00:00.000000000Z")
t3, _ = time.Parse(time.RFC3339Nano, "9999-12-31T23:59:59.999999999Z")
d1, _ = civil.ParseDate("2016-11-15")
// Boundaries
d2, _ = civil.ParseDate("0001-01-01")
d3, _ = civil.ParseDate("9999-12-31")
for i, test := range []struct {
val interface{}
wantField *proto3.Value
wantType *sppb.Type
// bool
{true, boolProto(true), boolType()},
{NullBool{true, true}, boolProto(true), boolType()},
{NullBool{true, false}, nullProto(), boolType()},
{[]bool(nil), nullProto(), listType(boolType())},
{[]bool{}, listProto(), listType(boolType())},
{[]bool{true, false}, listProto(boolProto(true), boolProto(false)), listType(boolType())},
{[]NullBool(nil), nullProto(), listType(boolType())},
{[]NullBool{}, listProto(), listType(boolType())},
{[]NullBool{{true, true}, {}}, listProto(boolProto(true), nullProto()), listType(boolType())},
// int
{int(1), intProto(1), intType()},
{[]int(nil), nullProto(), listType(intType())},
{[]int{}, listProto(), listType(intType())},
{[]int{1, 2}, listProto(intProto(1), intProto(2)), listType(intType())},
// int64
{int64(1), intProto(1), intType()},
{NullInt64{5, true}, intProto(5), intType()},
{NullInt64{5, false}, nullProto(), intType()},
{[]int64(nil), nullProto(), listType(intType())},
{[]int64{}, listProto(), listType(intType())},
{[]int64{1, 2}, listProto(intProto(1), intProto(2)), listType(intType())},
{[]NullInt64(nil), nullProto(), listType(intType())},
{[]NullInt64{}, listProto(), listType(intType())},
{[]NullInt64{{1, true}, {}}, listProto(intProto(1), nullProto()), listType(intType())},
// float64
{0.0, floatProto(0.0), floatType()},
{math.Inf(1), floatProto(math.Inf(1)), floatType()},
{math.Inf(-1), floatProto(math.Inf(-1)), floatType()},
{math.NaN(), floatProto(math.NaN()), floatType()},
{NullFloat64{2.71, true}, floatProto(2.71), floatType()},
{NullFloat64{1.41, false}, nullProto(), floatType()},
{[]float64(nil), nullProto(), listType(floatType())},
{[]float64{}, listProto(), listType(floatType())},
{[]float64{2.72, math.Inf(1)}, listProto(floatProto(2.72), floatProto(math.Inf(1))), listType(floatType())},
{[]NullFloat64(nil), nullProto(), listType(floatType())},
{[]NullFloat64{}, listProto(), listType(floatType())},
{[]NullFloat64{{2.72, true}, {}}, listProto(floatProto(2.72), nullProto()), listType(floatType())},
// string
{"", stringProto(""), stringType()},
{"foo", stringProto("foo"), stringType()},
{NullString{"bar", true}, stringProto("bar"), stringType()},
{NullString{"bar", false}, nullProto(), stringType()},
{[]string(nil), nullProto(), listType(stringType())},
{[]string{}, listProto(), listType(stringType())},
{[]string{"foo", "bar"}, listProto(stringProto("foo"), stringProto("bar")), listType(stringType())},
{[]NullString(nil), nullProto(), listType(stringType())},
{[]NullString{}, listProto(), listType(stringType())},
{[]NullString{{"foo", true}, {}}, listProto(stringProto("foo"), nullProto()), listType(stringType())},
// bytes
{[]byte{}, bytesProto([]byte{}), bytesType()},
{[]byte{1, 2, 3}, bytesProto([]byte{1, 2, 3}), bytesType()},
{[]byte(nil), nullProto(), bytesType()},
{[][]byte(nil), nullProto(), listType(bytesType())},
{[][]byte{}, listProto(), listType(bytesType())},
{[][]byte{[]byte{1}, []byte(nil)}, listProto(bytesProto([]byte{1}), nullProto()), listType(bytesType())},
// date
{d1, dateProto(d1), dateType()},
{NullDate{civil.Date{}, false}, nullProto(), dateType()},
{[]civil.Date(nil), nullProto(), listType(dateType())},
{[]civil.Date{}, listProto(), listType(dateType())},
{[]civil.Date{d1, d2, d3}, listProto(dateProto(d1), dateProto(d2), dateProto(d3)), listType(dateType())},
{[]NullDate{NullDate{d2, true}, NullDate{}}, listProto(dateProto(d2), nullProto()), listType(dateType())},
// timestamp
{t1, timeProto(t1), timeType()},
{NullTime{}, nullProto(), timeType()},
{[]time.Time(nil), nullProto(), listType(timeType())},
{[]time.Time{}, listProto(), listType(timeType())},
{[]time.Time{t1, t2, t3}, listProto(timeProto(t1), timeProto(t2), timeProto(t3)), listType(timeType())},
{[]NullTime{NullTime{t2, true}, NullTime{}}, listProto(timeProto(t2), nullProto()), listType(timeType())},
} {
st.Params["var"] = test.val
want.Params.Fields["var"] = test.wantField
want.ParamTypes["var"] = test.wantType
got := &sppb.ExecuteSqlRequest{}
if err := st.bindParams(got); err != nil || !proto.Equal(got, want) {
// handle NaN
if test.wantType.Code == floatType().Code && proto.MarshalTextString(got) == proto.MarshalTextString(want) {
t.Errorf("#%d: bind result: \n(%v, %v)\nwant\n(%v, %v)\n", i, got, err, want, nil)
// Verify type error reporting.
for _, test := range []struct {
val interface{}
wantErr error
errBindParam("var", struct{}{}, errEncoderUnsupportedType(struct{}{})),
errBindParam("var", nil, errNilParam),
} {
st.Params["var"] = test.val
var got sppb.ExecuteSqlRequest
if err := st.bindParams(&got); !testEqual(err, test.wantErr) {
t.Errorf("value %#v:\ngot: %v\nwant: %v", test.val, err, test.wantErr)
func TestNewStatement(t *testing.T) {
s := NewStatement("query")
if got, want := s.SQL, "query"; got != want {
t.Errorf("got %q, want %q", got, want)