Merge tag 'for-5.9/dm-changes' of git://

Pull device mapper updates from Mike Snitzer:

 - DM multipath locking fixes around m->flags tests and improvements to
   bio-based code so that it follows patterns established by
   request-based code.

 - Request-based DM core improvement to eliminate unnecessary call to

 - Add "panic_on_corruption" error handling mode to DM verity target.

 - DM bufio fix to to perform buffer cleanup from a workqueue rather
   than wait for IO in reclaim context from shrinker.

 - DM crypt improvement to optionally avoid async processing via
   workqueues for reads and/or writes -- via "no_read_workqueue" and
   "no_write_workqueue" features. This more direct IO processing
   improves latency and throughput with faster storage. Avoiding
   workqueue IO submission for writes (DM_CRYPT_NO_WRITE_WORKQUEUE) is a
   requirement for adding zoned block device support to DM crypt.

 - Add zoned block device support to DM crypt. Makes use of
   DM_CRYPT_NO_WRITE_WORKQUEUE and a new optional feature
   (DM_CRYPT_WRITE_INLINE) that allows write completion to wait for
   encryption to complete. This allows write ordering to be preserved,
   which is needed for zoned block devices.

 - Fix DM ebs target's check for REQ_OP_FLUSH.

 - Fix DM core's report zones support to not report more zones than were

 - A few small compiler warning fixes.

 - DM dust improvements to return output directly to the user rather
   than require they scrape the system log for output.

* tag 'for-5.9/dm-changes' of git://
  dm: don't call report zones for more than the user requested
  dm ebs: Fix incorrect checking for REQ_OP_FLUSH
  dm init: Set file local variable static
  dm ioctl: Fix compilation warning
  dm raid: Remove empty if statement
  dm verity: Fix compilation warning
  dm crypt: Enable zoned block device support
  dm crypt: add flags to optionally bypass kcryptd workqueues
  dm bufio: do buffer cleanup from a workqueue
  dm rq: don't call blk_mq_queue_stopped() in dm_stop_queue()
  dm dust: add interface to list all badblocks
  dm dust: report some message results directly back to user
  dm verity: add "panic_on_corruption" error handling mode
  dm mpath: use double checked locking in fast path
  dm mpath: rename current_pgpath to pgpath in multipath_prepare_ioctl
  dm mpath: rework __map_bio()
  dm mpath: factor out multipath_queue_bio
  dm mpath: push locking down to must_push_back_rq()
  dm mpath: take m->lock spinlock when testing QUEUE_IF_NO_PATH
  dm mpath: changes from initial m->flags locking audit