Merge branch 'gcc-min-version-5.1' (make gcc-5.1 the minimum version)

Merge patch series from Nick Desaulniers to update the minimum gcc
version to 5.1.

This is some of the left-overs from the merge window that I didn't want
to deal with yesterday, so it comes in after -rc1 but was sent before.

Gcc-4.9 support has been an annoyance for some time, and with -Werror I
had the choice of applying a fairly big patch from Kees Cook to remove a
fair number of initializer warnings (still leaving some), or this patch
series from Nick that just removes the source of the problem.

The initializer cleanups might still be worth it regardless, but
honestly, I preferred just tackling the problem with gcc-4.9 head-on.
We've been more aggressiuve about no longer having to care about
compilers that were released a long time ago, and I think it's been a
good thing.

I added a couple of patches on top to sort out a few left-overs now that
we no longer support gcc-4.x.

As noted by Arnd, as a result of this minimum compiler version upgrade
we can probably change our use of '--std=gnu89' to '--std=gnu11', and
finally start using local loop declarations etc.  But this series does
_not_ yet do that.


* emailed patches from Nick Desaulniers <>:
  Drop some straggling mentions of gcc-4.9 as being stale
  compiler_attributes.h: drop __has_attribute() support for gcc4 remove old check for GCC 4.9
  compiler-gcc.h: drop checks for older GCC versions
  Makefile: drop GCC < 5 -fno-var-tracking-assignments workaround
  arm64: remove GCC version check for ARCH_SUPPORTS_INT128
  powerpc: remove GCC version check for UPD_CONSTR
  riscv: remove Kconfig check for GCC version for ARCH_RV64I
  Kconfig.debug: drop GCC 5+ version check for DWARF5
  mm/ksm: remove old GCC 4.9+ check
  compiler.h: drop fallback overflow checkers
  Documentation: raise minimum supported version of GCC to 5.1