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Pull perf tool updates from Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:
 "New features:

   - Support instruction latency in 'perf report', with both memory
     latency (weight) and instruction latency information, users can
     locate expensive load instructions and understand time spent in
     different stages.

   - Extend 'perf c2c' to display the number of loads which were blocked
     by data or address conflict.

   - Add 'perf stat' support for L2 topdown events in systems such as
     Intel's Sapphire rapids server.

   - Add support for PERF_SAMPLE_CODE_PAGE_SIZE in various tools, as a
     sort key, for instance:

        perf report --stdio --sort=comm,symbol,code_page_size

   - New 'perf daemon' command to run long running sessions while
     providing a way to control the enablement of events without
     restarting a traditional 'perf record' session.

   - Enable counting events for BPF programs in 'perf stat' just like
     for other targets (tid, cgroup, cpu, etc), e.g.:

        # perf stat -e ref-cycles,cycles -b 254 -I 1000
           1.487903822            115,200      ref-cycles
           1.487903822             86,012      cycles
           2.489147029             80,560      ref-cycles
           2.489147029             73,784      cycles

     The example above counts 'cycles' and 'ref-cycles' of BPF program
     of id 254. It is similar to bpftool-prog-profile command, but more

   - Support the new layout for PERF_RECORD_MMAP2 to carry the DSO
     build-id using infrastructure generalised from the eBPF subsystem,
     removing the need for traversing the file to collect
     build-ids at the end of 'perf record' sessions and helping with
     long running sessions where binaries can get replaced in updates,
     leading to possible mis-resolution of symbols.

   - Support filtering by hex address in 'perf script'.

   - Support DSO filter in 'perf script', like in other perf tools.

   - Add namespaces support to 'perf inject'

   - Add support for SDT (Dtrace Style Markers) events on ARM64.

  perf record:

   - Fix handling of eventfd() when draining a buffer in 'perf record'.

   - Improvements to the generation of metadata events for pre-existing
     threads (mmaps, comm, etc), speeding up the work done at the start
     of system wide or per CPU 'perf record' sessions.

  Hardware tracing:

   - Initial support for tracing KVM with Intel PT.

   - Intel PT fixes for IPC

   - Support Intel PT PSB (synchronization packets) events.

   - Automatically group aux-output events to overcome --filter syntax.


   - Update ARM's CoreSight hardware tracing OpenCSD library to v1.0.0.

  perf annotate TUI:

   - Fix handling of 'k' ("show line number") hotkey

   - Fix jump parsing for C++ code.

  perf probe:

   - Add protection to avoid endless loop.


   - Avoid reading cgroup mountpoint multiple times, caching it.

   - Fix handling of cgroup v1/v2 in mixed hierarchy.

  Symbol resolving:

   - Add OCaml symbol demangling.

   - Further fixes for handling PE executables when using perf with Wine
     and .exe/.dll files.

   - Fix 'perf unwind' DSO handling.

   - Resolve symbols against debug file first, to deal with artifacts
     related to LTO.

   - Fix gap between kernel end and module start on powerpc.

  Reporting tools:

   - The DSO filter shouldn't show samples in unresolved maps.

   - Improve debuginfod support in various tools.

  build ids:

   - Fix 16-byte build ids in 'perf buildid-cache', add a 'perf test'
     entry for that case.

  perf test:


   - Add test case for PERF_SAMPLE_CODE_PAGE_SIZE.

   - Shell based tests for 'perf daemon's commands ('start', 'stop,
     'reconfig', 'list', etc).

   - ARM cs-etm 'perf test' fixes.

   - Add parse-metric memory bandwidth testcase.

  Compiler related:

   - Fix 'perf probe' kretprobe issue caused by gcc 11 bug when used
     with -fpatchable-function-entry.

   - Fix ARM64 build with gcc 11's -Wformat-overflow.

   - Fix unaligned access in sample parsing test.

   - Fix printf conversion specifier for IP addresses on arm64, s390 and

  Arch specific:

   - Support exposing Performance Monitor Counter SPRs as part of
     extended regs on powerpc.

   - Add JSON 'perf stat' metrics for ARM64's imx8mp, imx8mq and imx8mn
     DDR, fix imx8mm ones.

   - Fix common and uarch events for ARM64's A76 and Ampere eMag"

* tag 'perf-tools-for-v5.12-2020-02-19' of git:// (148 commits)
  perf buildid-cache: Don't skip 16-byte build-ids
  perf buildid-cache: Add test for 16-byte build-id
  perf symbol: Remove redundant libbfd checks
  perf test: Output the sub testing result in cs-etm
  perf test: Suppress logs in cs-etm testing
  perf tools: Fix arm64 build error with gcc-11
  perf intel-pt: Add documentation for tracing virtual machines
  perf intel-pt: Split VM-Entry and VM-Exit branches
  perf intel-pt: Adjust sample flags for VM-Exit
  perf intel-pt: Allow for a guest kernel address filter
  perf intel-pt: Support decoding of guest kernel
  perf machine: Factor out machine__idle_thread()
  perf machine: Factor out machines__find_guest()
  perf intel-pt: Amend decoder to track the NR flag
  perf intel-pt: Retain the last PIP packet payload as is
  perf intel_pt: Add vmlaunch and vmresume as branches
  perf script: Add branch types for VM-Entry and VM-Exit
  perf auxtrace: Automatically group aux-output events
  perf test: Fix unaligned access in sample parsing test
  perf tools: Support arch specific PERF_SAMPLE_WEIGHT_STRUCT processing