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* TI MMC host controller for OMAP1 and 2420
The MMC Host Controller on TI OMAP1 and 2420 family provides
an interface for MMC, SD, and SDIO types of memory cards.
This file documents differences between the core properties described
by mmc.txt and the properties used by the omap mmc driver.
Note that this driver will not work with omap2430 or later omaps,
please see the omap hsmmc driver for the current omaps.
Required properties:
- compatible: Must be "ti,omap2420-mmc", for OMAP2420 controllers
- ti,hwmods: For 2420, must be "msdi<n>", where n is controller
instance starting 1
msdi1: mmc@4809c000 {
compatible = "ti,omap2420-mmc";
ti,hwmods = "msdi1";
reg = <0x4809c000 0x80>;
interrupts = <83>;
dmas = <&sdma 61 &sdma 62>;
dma-names = "tx", "rx";