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int "Runtime autosuspend delay for userspace GGTT mmaps (ms)"
default 250 # milliseconds
On runtime suspend, as we suspend the device, we have to revoke
userspace GGTT mmaps and force userspace to take a pagefault on
their next access. The revocation and subsequent recreation of
the GGTT mmap can be very slow and so we impose a small hysteris
that complements the runtime-pm autosuspend and provides a lower
floor on the autosuspend delay.
May be 0 to disable the extra delay and solely use the device level
runtime pm autosuspend delay tunable.
int "Busywait for request completion (us)"
default 5 # microseconds
Before sleeping waiting for a request (GPU operation) to complete,
we may spend some time polling for its completion. As the IRQ may
take a non-negligible time to setup, we do a short spin first to
check if the request will complete in the time it would have taken
us to enable the interrupt.
May be 0 to disable the initial spin. In practice, we estimate
the cost of enabling the interrupt (if currently disabled) to be
a few microseconds.