Merge tag 'kbuild-v5.5' of git://

Pull Kbuild updates from Masahiro Yamada:

 - remove unneeded asm headers from hexagon, ia64

 - add 'dir-pkg' target, which works like 'tar-pkg' but skips archiving

 - add 'helpnewconfig' target, which shows help for new CONFIG options

 - support 'make nsdeps' for external modules

 - make rebuilds faster by deleting $(wildcard $^) checks

 - remove compile tests for kernel-space headers

 - refactor modpost to simplify modversion handling

 - make single target builds faster

 - optimize and clean up scripts/kallsyms.c

 - refactor various Makefiles and scripts

* tag 'kbuild-v5.5' of git:// (59 commits)
  MAINTAINERS: update Kbuild/Kconfig maintainer's email address
  scripts/kallsyms: remove redundant initializers
  scripts/kallsyms: put check_symbol_range() calls close together
  scripts/kallsyms: make check_symbol_range() void function
  scripts/kallsyms: move ignored symbol types to is_ignored_symbol()
  scripts/kallsyms: move more patterns to the ignored_prefixes array
  scripts/kallsyms: skip ignored symbols very early
  scripts/kallsyms: add const qualifiers where possible
  scripts/kallsyms: make find_token() return (unsigned char *)
  scripts/kallsyms: replace prefix_underscores_count() with strspn()
  scripts/kallsyms: add sym_name() to mitigate cast ugliness
  scripts/kallsyms: remove unneeded length check for prefix matching
  scripts/kallsyms: remove redundant is_arm_mapping_symbol()
  scripts/kallsyms: set relative_base more effectively
  scripts/kallsyms: shrink table before sorting it
  scripts/kallsyms: fix definitely-lost memory leak
  scripts/kallsyms: remove unneeded #ifndef ARRAY_SIZE
  kbuild: make single target builds even faster
  modpost: respect the previous export when 'exported twice' is warned
  modpost: do not set ->preloaded for symbols from Module.symvers