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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
The saa7134 driver
Author Gerd Hoffmann
This is a v4l2/oss device driver for saa7130/33/34/35 based capture / TV
Almost everything is working. video, sound, tuner, radio, mpeg ts, ...
As with bttv, card-specific tweaks are needed. Check CARDLIST for a
list of known TV cards and saa7134-cards.c for the drivers card
configuration info.
Once you pick up a Kernel source, you should configure, build,
install and boot the new kernel. You'll need at least
these config options::
./scripts/config -e PCI
./scripts/config -e INPUT
./scripts/config -m I2C
./scripts/config -m MEDIA_SUPPORT
./scripts/config -e MEDIA_PCI_SUPPORT
./scripts/config -e MEDIA_ANALOG_TV_SUPPORT
./scripts/config -e MEDIA_DIGITAL_TV_SUPPORT
./scripts/config -e MEDIA_RADIO_SUPPORT
./scripts/config -e RC_CORE
./scripts/config -e MEDIA_SUBDRV_AUTOSELECT
./scripts/config -m VIDEO_SAA7134
./scripts/config -e SAA7134_ALSA
./scripts/config -e VIDEO_SAA7134_RC
./scripts/config -e VIDEO_SAA7134_DVB
./scripts/config -e VIDEO_SAA7134_GO7007
To build and install, you should run::
make && make modules_install && make install
Once the new Kernel is booted, saa7134 driver should be loaded automatically.
Depending on the card you might have to pass ``card=<nr>`` as insmod option.
If so, please check Documentation/admin-guide/media/saa7134-cardlist.rst
for valid choices.
Once you have your card type number, you can pass a modules configuration
via a file (usually, it is either ``/etc/modules.conf`` or some file at
``/etc/modules-load.d/``, but the actual place depends on your
distribution), with this content::
options saa7134 card=13 # Assuming that your card type is #13
Changes / Fixes
Please mail to linux-media AT unified diffs against
the linux media git tree:
This is done by committing a patch at a clone of the git tree and
submitting the patch using ``git send-email``. Don't forget to
describe at the lots what it changes / which problem it fixes / whatever
it is good for ...
Known Problems
* The tuner for the flyvideos isn't detected automatically and the
default might not work for you depending on which version you have.
There is a ``tuner=`` insmod option to override the driver's default.
------- + for providing
saa7134 hardware specs and sample board.