Make sure nd->path.mnt and nd->path.dentry are always valid pointers

Initialize them in set_nameidata() and make sure that terminate_walk() clears them
once the pointers become potentially invalid (i.e. we leave RCU mode or drop them
in non-RCU one).  Currently we have "path_init() always initializes them and nobody
accesses them outside of path_init()/terminate_walk() segments", which is asking
for trouble.

With that change we would have nd->path.{mnt,dentry}
	1) always valid - NULL or pointing to currently allocated objects.
	2) non-NULL while we are successfully walking
	3) NULL when we are not walking at all
	4) contributing to refcounts whenever non-NULL outside of RCU mode.

Fixes: 6c6ec2b0a3e0 ("fs: add support for LOOKUP_CACHED")
Tested-by: Christian Brauner <>
Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
1 file changed