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Saeed Mahameed says:

Mellanox, mlx5 fixes 2020-03-24

This series introduces some fixes to mlx5 driver.

From Aya, Fixes to the RX error recovery flows
From Leon, Fix IB capability mask

Please pull and let me know if there is any problem.

For -stable v5.5
 ('net/mlx5_core: Set IB capability mask1 to fix ib_srpt connection failure')

For -stable v5.4
 ('net/mlx5e: Fix ICOSQ recovery flow with Striding RQ')
 ('net/mlx5e: Do not recover from a non-fatal syndrome')
 ('net/mlx5e: Fix missing reset of SW metadata in Striding RQ reset')
 ('net/mlx5e: Enhance ICOSQ WQE info fields')

The above patch ('net/mlx5e: Enhance ICOSQ WQE info fields')
will fail to apply cleanly on v5.4 due to a trivial contextual conflict,
but it is an important fix, do I need to do something about it or just
assume Greg will know how to handle this ?

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>