workqueue/watchdog: Make unbound workqueues aware of touch_softlockup_watchdog()
There are two workqueue-specific watchdog timestamps:

    + @wq_watchdog_touched_cpu (per-CPU) updated by

    + @wq_watchdog_touched (global) updated by

watchdog_timer_fn() checks only the global @wq_watchdog_touched for
unbound workqueues. As a result, unbound workqueues are not aware
of touch_softlockup_watchdog(). The watchdog might report a stall
even when the unbound workqueues are blocked by a known slow code.

touch_softlockup_watchdog() must touch also the global @wq_watchdog_touched

The global timestamp can no longer be used for bound workqueues because
it is now updated from all CPUs. Instead, bound workqueues have to check
only @wq_watchdog_touched_cpu and these timestamps have to be updated for
all CPUs in touch_all_softlockup_watchdogs().

The change might cause the opposite problem. An unbound workqueue
might get blocked on CPU A because of a real softlockup. The workqueue
watchdog would miss it when the timestamp got touched on CPU B.

It is acceptable because softlockups are detected by softlockup
watchdog. The workqueue watchdog is there to detect stalls where
a work never finishes, for example, because of dependencies of works
queued into the same workqueue.

- Modify the commit message clearly according to Petr's suggestion.

Signed-off-by: Wang Qing <>
Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <>
2 files changed