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Pull XFS updates from Darrick Wong:
 "For this release, we changed quite a few things.


   - Fixed some long tail latency problems in the block allocator

   - Removed some long deprecated (and for the past several years no-op)
     mount options and ioctls

   - Strengthened the extended attribute and directory verifiers

   - Audited and fixed all the places where we could return EFSCORRUPTED
     without logging anything

   - Refactored the old SGI space allocation ioctls to make the
     equivalent fallocate calls

   - Fixed a race between fallocate and directio

   - Fixed an integer overflow when files have more than a few
     billion(!) extents

   - Fixed a longstanding bug where quota accounting could be incorrect
     when performing unwritten extent conversion on a freshly mounted fs

   - Fixed various complaints in scrub about soft lockups and
     unresponsiveness to signals

   - De-vtable'd the directory handling code, which should make it

   - Converted to the new mount api, for better or for worse

   - Cleaned up some memory leaks

  and quite a lot of other smaller fixes and cleanups.

  A more detailed summary:

   - Fill out the build string

   - Prevent inode fork extent count overflows

   - Refactor the allocator to reduce long tail latency

   - Rework incore log locking a little to reduce spinning

   - Break up the xfs_iomap_begin functions into smaller more cohesive

   - Fix allocation alignment being dropped too early when the
     allocation request is for more blocks than an AG is large

   - Other small cleanups

   - Clean up file buftarg retrieval helpers

   - Hoist the resvsp and unresvsp ioctls to the vfs

   - Remove the undocumented biosize mount option, since it has never
     been mentioned as existing or supported on linux

   - Clean up some of the mount option printing and parsing

   - Enhance attr leaf verifier to check block structure

   - Check dirent and attr names for invalid characters before passing
     them to the vfs

   - Refactor open-coded bmbt walking

   - Fix a few places where we return EIO instead of EFSCORRUPTED after
     failing metadata sanity checks

   - Fix a synchronization problem between fallocate and aio dio
     corrupting the file length

   - Clean up various loose ends in the iomap and bmap code

   - Convert to the new mount api

   - Make sure we always log something when returning EFSCORRUPTED

   - Fix some problems where long running scrub loops could trigger soft
     lockup warnings and/or fail to exit due to fatal signals pending

   - Fix various Coverity complaints

   - Remove most of the function pointers from the directory code to
     reduce indirection penalties

   - Ensure that dquots are attached to the inode when performing
     unwritten extent conversion after io

   - Deuglify incore projid and crtime types

   - Fix another AGI/AGF locking order deadlock when renaming

   - Clean up some quota typedefs

   - Remove the FSSETDM ioctls which haven't done anything in 20 years

   - Fix some memory leaks when mounting the log fails

   - Fix an underflow when updating an xattr leaf freemap

   - Remove some trivial wrappers

   - Report metadata corruption as an error, not a (potentially) fatal

   - Clean up the dir/attr buffer mapping code

   - Allow fatal signals to kill scrub during parent pointer checks"

* tag 'xfs-5.5-merge-16' of git:// (198 commits)
  xfs: allow parent directory scans to be interrupted with fatal signals
  xfs: remove the mappedbno argument to xfs_da_get_buf
  xfs: remove the mappedbno argument to xfs_da_read_buf
  xfs: split xfs_da3_node_read
  xfs: remove the mappedbno argument to xfs_dir3_leafn_read
  xfs: remove the mappedbno argument to xfs_dir3_leaf_read
  xfs: remove the mappedbno argument to xfs_attr3_leaf_read
  xfs: remove the mappedbno argument to xfs_da_reada_buf
  xfs: improve the xfs_dabuf_map calling conventions
  xfs: refactor xfs_dabuf_map
  xfs: simplify mappedbno handling in xfs_da_{get,read}_buf
  xfs: report corruption only as a regular error
  xfs: Remove kmem_zone_free() wrapper
  xfs: Remove kmem_zone_destroy() wrapper
  xfs: Remove slab init wrappers
  xfs: fix attr leaf header freemap.size underflow
  xfs: fix some memory leaks in log recovery
  xfs: fix another missing include
  xfs: remove duplicated include from xfs_dir2_data.c