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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2013, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __QCOM_CLK_PLL_H__
#define __QCOM_CLK_PLL_H__
#include <linux/clk-provider.h>
#include "clk-regmap.h"
* struct pll_freq_tbl - PLL frequency table
* @l: L value
* @m: M value
* @n: N value
* @ibits: internal values
struct pll_freq_tbl {
unsigned long freq;
u16 l;
u16 m;
u16 n;
u32 ibits;
* struct clk_pll - phase locked loop (PLL)
* @l_reg: L register
* @m_reg: M register
* @n_reg: N register
* @config_reg: config register
* @mode_reg: mode register
* @status_reg: status register
* @status_bit: ANDed with @status_reg to determine if PLL is enabled
* @freq_tbl: PLL frequency table
* @hw: handle between common and hardware-specific interfaces
struct clk_pll {
u32 l_reg;
u32 m_reg;
u32 n_reg;
u32 config_reg;
u32 mode_reg;
u32 status_reg;
u8 status_bit;
u8 post_div_width;
u8 post_div_shift;
const struct pll_freq_tbl *freq_tbl;
struct clk_regmap clkr;
extern const struct clk_ops clk_pll_ops;
extern const struct clk_ops clk_pll_vote_ops;
extern const struct clk_ops clk_pll_sr2_ops;
#define to_clk_pll(_hw) container_of(to_clk_regmap(_hw), struct clk_pll, clkr)
struct pll_config {
u16 l;
u32 m;
u32 n;
u32 vco_val;
u32 vco_mask;
u32 pre_div_val;
u32 pre_div_mask;
u32 post_div_val;
u32 post_div_mask;
u32 mn_ena_mask;
u32 main_output_mask;
u32 aux_output_mask;
void clk_pll_configure_sr(struct clk_pll *pll, struct regmap *regmap,
const struct pll_config *config, bool fsm_mode);
void clk_pll_configure_sr_hpm_lp(struct clk_pll *pll, struct regmap *regmap,
const struct pll_config *config, bool fsm_mode);