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* Marvell PXA1928 Clock Controllers
The PXA1928 clock subsystem generates and supplies clock to various
controllers within the PXA1928 SoC. The PXA1928 contains 3 clock controller
blocks called APMU, MPMU, and APBC roughly corresponding to internal buses.
Required Properties:
- compatible: should be one of the following.
- "marvell,pxa1928-apmu" - APMU controller compatible
- "marvell,pxa1928-mpmu" - MPMU controller compatible
- "marvell,pxa1928-apbc" - APBC controller compatible
- reg: physical base address of the clock controller and length of memory mapped
- #clock-cells: should be 1.
- #reset-cells: should be 1.
Each clock is assigned an identifier and client nodes use the clock controller
phandle and this identifier to specify the clock which they consume.
All these identifiers can be found in <dt-bindings/clock/marvell,pxa1928.h>.