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* Freescale i.MX6 PCIe interface
This PCIe host controller is based on the Synopsys DesignWare PCIe IP
and thus inherits all the common properties defined in designware-pcie.txt.
Required properties:
- compatible:
- "fsl,imx6q-pcie"
- "fsl,imx6sx-pcie",
- "fsl,imx6qp-pcie"
- "fsl,imx7d-pcie"
- "fsl,imx8mq-pcie"
- reg: base address and length of the PCIe controller
- interrupts: A list of interrupt outputs of the controller. Must contain an
entry for each entry in the interrupt-names property.
- interrupt-names: Must include the following entries:
- "msi": The interrupt that is asserted when an MSI is received
- clock-names: Must include the following additional entries:
- "pcie_phy"
Optional properties:
- fsl,tx-deemph-gen1: Gen1 De-emphasis value. Default: 0
- fsl,tx-deemph-gen2-3p5db: Gen2 (3.5db) De-emphasis value. Default: 0
- fsl,tx-deemph-gen2-6db: Gen2 (6db) De-emphasis value. Default: 20
- fsl,tx-swing-full: Gen2 TX SWING FULL value. Default: 127
- fsl,tx-swing-low: TX launch amplitude swing_low value. Default: 127
- fsl,max-link-speed: Specify PCI gen for link capability. Must be '2' for
gen2, otherwise will default to gen1. Note that the IMX6 LVDS clock outputs
do not meet gen2 jitter requirements and thus for gen2 capability a gen2
compliant clock generator should be used and configured.
- reset-gpio: Should specify the GPIO for controlling the PCI bus device reset
signal. It's not polarity aware and defaults to active-low reset sequence
(L=reset state, H=operation state).
- reset-gpio-active-high: If present then the reset sequence using the GPIO
specified in the "reset-gpio" property is reversed (H=reset state,
L=operation state).
- vpcie-supply: Should specify the regulator in charge of PCIe port power.
The regulator will be enabled when initializing the PCIe host and
disabled either as part of the init process or when shutting down the
Additional required properties for imx6sx-pcie:
- clock names: Must include the following additional entries:
- "pcie_inbound_axi"
- power-domains: Must be set to phandles pointing to the DISPLAY and
PCIE_PHY power domains
- power-domain-names: Must be "pcie", "pcie_phy"
Additional required properties for imx7d-pcie and imx8mq-pcie:
- power-domains: Must be set to a phandle pointing to PCIE_PHY power domain
- resets: Must contain phandles to PCIe-related reset lines exposed by SRC
IP block
- reset-names: Must contain the following entries:
- "pciephy"
- "apps"
- "turnoff"
- fsl,imx7d-pcie-phy: A phandle to an fsl,imx7d-pcie-phy node.
Additional required properties for imx8mq-pcie:
- clock-names: Must include the following additional entries:
- "pcie_aux"
pcie@01000000 {
compatible = "fsl,imx6q-pcie", "snps,dw-pcie";
reg = <0x01ffc000 0x04000>,
<0x01f00000 0x80000>;
reg-names = "dbi", "config";
#address-cells = <3>;
#size-cells = <2>;
device_type = "pci";
ranges = <0x00000800 0 0x01f00000 0x01f00000 0 0x00080000
0x81000000 0 0 0x01f80000 0 0x00010000
0x82000000 0 0x01000000 0x01000000 0 0x00f00000>;
num-lanes = <1>;
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 120 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
interrupt-names = "msi";
#interrupt-cells = <1>;
interrupt-map-mask = <0 0 0 0x7>;
interrupt-map = <0 0 0 1 &intc GIC_SPI 123 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
<0 0 0 2 &intc GIC_SPI 122 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
<0 0 0 3 &intc GIC_SPI 121 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
<0 0 0 4 &intc GIC_SPI 120 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
clocks = <&clks 144>, <&clks 206>, <&clks 189>;
clock-names = "pcie", "pcie_bus", "pcie_phy";
* Freescale i.MX7d PCIe PHY
This is the PHY associated with the IMX7d PCIe controller. It's used by the
PCI-e controller via the fsl,imx7d-pcie-phy phandle.
Required properties:
- compatible:
- "fsl,imx7d-pcie-phy"
- reg: base address and length of the PCIe PHY controller