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NVIDIA Tegra Combined UART (TCU)
The TCU is a system for sharing a hardware UART instance among multiple
systems within the Tegra SoC. It is implemented through a mailbox-
based protocol where each "virtual UART" has a pair of mailboxes, one
for transmitting and one for receiving, that is used to communicate
with the hardware implementing the TCU.
Required properties:
- name : Should be tcu
- compatible
Array of strings
One of:
- "nvidia,tegra194-tcu"
- mbox-names:
"rx" - Mailbox for receiving data from hardware UART
"tx" - Mailbox for transmitting data to hardware UART
- mboxes: Mailboxes corresponding to the mbox-names.
This node is a mailbox consumer. See the following files for details of
the mailbox subsystem, and the specifiers implemented by the relevant
- .../mailbox/mailbox.txt
- .../mailbox/nvidia,tegra186-hsp.txt
Example bindings:
tcu: tcu {
compatible = "nvidia,tegra194-tcu";
mboxes = <&hsp_top0 TEGRA_HSP_MBOX_TYPE_SM 0>,
<&hsp_aon TEGRA_HSP_MBOX_TYPE_SM 1>;
mbox-names = "rx", "tx";