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STM32 Independent WatchDoG (IWDG)
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be either:
- "st,stm32-iwdg"
- "st,stm32mp1-iwdg"
- reg: Physical base address and length of the registers set for the device
- clocks: Reference to the clock entry lsi. Additional pclk clock entry
is required only for st,stm32mp1-iwdg.
- clock-names: Name of the clocks used.
"lsi" for st,stm32-iwdg
"lsi", "pclk" for st,stm32mp1-iwdg
Optional Properties:
- timeout-sec: Watchdog timeout value in seconds.
iwdg: watchdog@40003000 {
compatible = "st,stm32-iwdg";
reg = <0x40003000 0x400>;
clocks = <&clk_lsi>;
clock-names = "lsi";
timeout-sec = <32>;