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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Common codes for both the skx_edac driver and Intel 10nm server EDAC driver.
* Originally split out from the skx_edac driver.
* Copyright (c) 2018, Intel Corporation.
#ifndef _SKX_COMM_EDAC_H
#define _SKX_COMM_EDAC_H
#define MSG_SIZE 1024
* Debug macros
#define skx_printk(level, fmt, arg...) \
edac_printk(level, "skx", fmt, ##arg)
#define skx_mc_printk(mci, level, fmt, arg...) \
edac_mc_chipset_printk(mci, level, "skx", fmt, ##arg)
* Get a bit field at register value <v>, from bit <lo> to bit <hi>
#define GET_BITFIELD(v, lo, hi) \
(((v) & GENMASK_ULL((hi), (lo))) >> (lo))
#define SKX_NUM_IMC 2 /* Memory controllers per socket */
#define SKX_NUM_CHANNELS 3 /* Channels per memory controller */
#define SKX_NUM_DIMMS 2 /* Max DIMMS per channel */
#define I10NM_NUM_IMC 4
#define I10NM_NUM_CHANNELS 2
#define I10NM_NUM_DIMMS 2
#define MAX(a, b) ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define IS_DIMM_PRESENT(r) GET_BITFIELD(r, 15, 15)
#define IS_NVDIMM_PRESENT(r, i) GET_BITFIELD(r, i, i)
* Each cpu socket contains some pci devices that provide global
* information, and also some that are local to each of the two
* memory controllers on the die.
struct skx_dev {
struct list_head list;
u8 bus[4];
int seg;
struct pci_dev *sad_all;
struct pci_dev *util_all;
struct pci_dev *uracu; /* for i10nm CPU */
u32 mcroute;
struct skx_imc {
struct mem_ctl_info *mci;
struct pci_dev *mdev; /* for i10nm CPU */
void __iomem *mbase; /* for i10nm CPU */
u8 mc; /* system wide mc# */
u8 lmc; /* socket relative mc# */
u8 src_id, node_id;
struct skx_channel {
struct pci_dev *cdev;
struct pci_dev *edev;
struct skx_dimm {
u8 close_pg;
u8 bank_xor_enable;
u8 fine_grain_bank;
u8 rowbits;
u8 colbits;
} dimms[NUM_DIMMS];
} imc[NUM_IMC];
struct skx_pvt {
struct skx_imc *imc;
enum type {
enum {
struct decoded_addr {
struct skx_dev *dev;
u64 addr;
int socket;
int imc;
int channel;
u64 chan_addr;
int sktways;
int chanways;
int dimm;
int rank;
int channel_rank;
u64 rank_address;
int row;
int column;
int bank_address;
int bank_group;
struct res_config {
enum type type;
/* Configuration agent device ID */
unsigned int decs_did;
/* Default bus number configuration register offset */
int busno_cfg_offset;
typedef int (*get_dimm_config_f)(struct mem_ctl_info *mci);
typedef bool (*skx_decode_f)(struct decoded_addr *res);
typedef void (*skx_show_retry_log_f)(struct decoded_addr *res, char *msg, int len);
int __init skx_adxl_get(void);
void __exit skx_adxl_put(void);
void skx_set_decode(skx_decode_f decode, skx_show_retry_log_f show_retry_log);
int skx_get_src_id(struct skx_dev *d, int off, u8 *id);
int skx_get_node_id(struct skx_dev *d, u8 *id);
int skx_get_all_bus_mappings(struct res_config *cfg, struct list_head **list);
int skx_get_hi_lo(unsigned int did, int off[], u64 *tolm, u64 *tohm);
int skx_get_dimm_info(u32 mtr, u32 mcmtr, u32 amap, struct dimm_info *dimm,
struct skx_imc *imc, int chan, int dimmno);
int skx_get_nvdimm_info(struct dimm_info *dimm, struct skx_imc *imc,
int chan, int dimmno, const char *mod_str);
int skx_register_mci(struct skx_imc *imc, struct pci_dev *pdev,
const char *ctl_name, const char *mod_str,
get_dimm_config_f get_dimm_config);
int skx_mce_check_error(struct notifier_block *nb, unsigned long val,
void *data);
void skx_remove(void);
#endif /* _SKX_COMM_EDAC_H */