Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)

Merge more updates from Andrew Morton:
 "155 patches.

  Subsystems affected by this patch series: mm (dax, debug, thp,
  readahead, page-poison, util, memory-hotplug, zram, cleanups), misc,
  core-kernel, get_maintainer, MAINTAINERS, lib, bitops, checkpatch,
  binfmt, ramfs, autofs, nilfs, rapidio, panic, relay, kgdb, ubsan,
  romfs, and fault-injection"

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (155 commits)
  lib, uaccess: add failure injection to usercopy functions
  lib, include/linux: add usercopy failure capability
  ROMFS: support inode blocks calculation
  ubsan: introduce CONFIG_UBSAN_LOCAL_BOUNDS for Clang
  sched.h: drop in_ubsan field when UBSAN is in trap mode
  scripts/gdb/tasks: add headers and improve spacing format
  scripts/gdb/proc: add struct mount & struct super_block addr in lx-mounts command
  kernel/relay.c: drop unneeded initialization
  panic: dump registers on panic_on_warn
  rapidio: fix the missed put_device() for rio_mport_add_riodev
  rapidio: fix error handling path
  nilfs2: fix some kernel-doc warnings for nilfs2
  autofs: harden ioctl table
  ramfs: fix nommu mmap with gaps in the page cache
  mm: remove the now-unnecessary mmget_still_valid() hack
  mm/gup: take mmap_lock in get_dump_page()
  binfmt_elf, binfmt_elf_fdpic: use a VMA list snapshot
  coredump: rework elf/elf_fdpic vma_dump_size() into common helper
  coredump: refactor page range dumping into common helper
  coredump: let dump_emit() bail out on short writes