Merge tag 'sunxi-fixes-for-5.6-2' of git:// into arm/fixes

Allwinner Fixes for 5.6 - part 2

This follows up on the previous 5.6 fixes tag with a fix for the A33
Security System (crypto offloading hardware). The hardware was found
to not be compatible with existing hardware and a new compatible was

The driver change was picked up right before the previous -rc6 and
the DT bindings and DT changes were not picked up. The goal is to have
all the changes in the same release, that is v5.6.

* tag 'sunxi-fixes-for-5.6-2' of git://
  ARM: dts: sun8i: a33: add the new SS compatible
  dt-bindings: crypto: add new compatible for A33 SS

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>