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Xilinx Zynq MPSoC EEMI Documentation
Xilinx Zynq MPSoC Firmware Interface
The zynqmp-firmware node describes the interface to platform firmware.
ZynqMP has an interface to communicate with secure firmware. Firmware
driver provides an interface to firmware APIs. Interface APIs can be
used by any driver to communicate with PMC(Platform Management Controller).
Embedded Energy Management Interface (EEMI)
The embedded energy management interface is used to allow software
components running across different processing clusters on a chip or
device to communicate with a power management controller (PMC) on a
device to issue or respond to power management requests.
EEMI ops is a structure containing all eemi APIs supported by Zynq MPSoC.
The zynqmp-firmware driver maintain all EEMI APIs in zynqmp_eemi_ops
structure. Any driver who want to communicate with PMC using EEMI APIs
can call zynqmp_pm_get_eemi_ops().
Example of EEMI ops::
/* zynqmp-firmware driver maintain all EEMI APIs */
struct zynqmp_eemi_ops {
int (*get_api_version)(u32 *version);
int (*query_data)(struct zynqmp_pm_query_data qdata, u32 *out);
static const struct zynqmp_eemi_ops eemi_ops = {
.get_api_version = zynqmp_pm_get_api_version,
.query_data = zynqmp_pm_query_data,
Example of EEMI ops usage::
static const struct zynqmp_eemi_ops *eemi_ops;
u32 ret_payload[PAYLOAD_ARG_CNT];
int ret;
eemi_ops = zynqmp_pm_get_eemi_ops();
if (IS_ERR(eemi_ops))
return PTR_ERR(eemi_ops);
ret = eemi_ops->query_data(qdata, ret_payload);
IOCTL API is for device control and configuration. It is not a system
IOCTL but it is an EEMI API. This API can be used by master to control
any device specific configuration. IOCTL definitions can be platform
specific. This API also manage shared device configuration.
The following IOCTL IDs are valid for device control:
Refer EEMI API guide [0] for IOCTL specific parameters and other EEMI APIs.
[0] Embedded Energy Management Interface (EEMI) API guide: