Merge branch 'x86-urgent-for-linus' of git://

Pull x86 fixes from Ingo Molnar:
 "Various fixes:

   - Fix the PAT performance regression that downgraded write-combining
     device memory regions to uncached.

   - There's been a number of bugs in 32-bit double fault handling -
     hopefully all fixed now.

   - Fix an LDT crash

   - Fix an FPU over-optimization that broke with GCC9 code

   - Misc cleanups"

* 'x86-urgent-for-linus' of git://
  x86/mm/pat: Fix off-by-one bugs in interval tree search
  x86/ioperm: Save an indentation level in tss_update_io_bitmap()
  x86/fpu: Don't cache access to fpu_fpregs_owner_ctx
  x86/entry/32: Remove unused 'restore_all_notrace' local label
  x86/ptrace: Document FSBASE and GSBASE ABI oddities
  x86/ptrace: Remove set_segment_reg() implementations for current
  x86/traps: die() instead of panicking on a double fault
  x86/doublefault/32: Rewrite the x86_32 #DF handler and unify with 64-bit
  x86/doublefault/32: Move #DF stack and TSS to cpu_entry_area
  x86/doublefault/32: Rename doublefault.c to doublefault_32.c
  x86/traps: Disentangle the 32-bit and 64-bit doublefault code
  lkdtm: Add a DOUBLE_FAULT crash type on x86
  selftests/x86/single_step_syscall: Check SYSENTER directly
  x86/mm/32: Sync only to VMALLOC_END in vmalloc_sync_all()