Merge tag 'topic/iomem-mmap-vs-gup-2021-02-22' of git://

Pull follow_pfn() updates from Daniel Vetter:
 "Fixes around VM_FPNMAP and follow_pfn:

   - replace mm/frame_vector.c by get_user_pages in misc/habana and
     drm/exynos drivers, then move that into media as it's sole user

   - close race in generic_access_phys

   - s390 pci ioctl fix of this series landed in 5.11 already

   - properly revoke iomem mappings (/dev/mem, pci files)"

* tag 'topic/iomem-mmap-vs-gup-2021-02-22' of git://
  PCI: Revoke mappings like devmem
  PCI: Also set up legacy files only after sysfs init
  sysfs: Support zapping of binary attr mmaps
  resource: Move devmem revoke code to resource framework
  /dev/mem: Only set filp->f_mapping
  PCI: Obey iomem restrictions for procfs mmap
  mm: Close race in generic_access_phys
  media: videobuf2: Move frame_vector into media subsystem
  mm/frame-vector: Use FOLL_LONGTERM
  misc/habana: Use FOLL_LONGTERM for userptr
  misc/habana: Stop using frame_vector helpers
  drm/exynos: Use FOLL_LONGTERM for g2d cmdlists
  drm/exynos: Stop using frame_vector helpers