Merge tag 'scsi-misc' of git://

Pull SCSI updates from James Bottomley:
 "This is mostly update of the usual drivers: aacraid, ufs, zfcp,
  NCR5380, lpfc, qla2xxx, smartpqi, hisi_sas, target, mpt3sas, pm80xx
  plus a whole load of minor updates and fixes.

  The major core changes are Al Viro's reworking of sg's handling of
  copy to/from user, Ming Lei's removal of the host busy counter to
  avoid contention in the multiqueue case and Damien Le Moal's fixing of
  residual tracking across error handling"

* tag 'scsi-misc' of git:// (251 commits)
  scsi: bnx2fc: timeout calculation invalid for bnx2fc_eh_abort()
  scsi: target: core: Fix a pr_debug() argument
  scsi: iscsi: Don't send data to unbound connection
  scsi: target: iscsi: Wait for all commands to finish before freeing a session
  scsi: target: core: Release SPC-2 reservations when closing a session
  scsi: target: core: Document target_cmd_size_check()
  scsi: bnx2i: fix potential use after free
  Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Fix memory leak when sending I/O fails"
  scsi: NCR5380: Add disconnect_mask module parameter
  scsi: NCR5380: Unconditionally clear ICR after do_abort()
  scsi: NCR5380: Call scsi_set_resid() on command completion
  scsi: scsi_debug: num_tgts must be >= 0
  scsi: lpfc: use hdwq assigned cpu for allocation
  scsi: arcmsr: fix indentation issues
  scsi: qla4xxx: fix double free bug
  scsi: pm80xx: Modified the logic to collect fatal dump
  scsi: pm80xx: Tie the interrupt name to the module instance
  scsi: pm80xx: Controller fatal error through sysfs
  scsi: pm80xx: Do not request 12G sas speeds
  scsi: pm80xx: Cleanup command when a reset times out