How to build Mozc on OS X

System Requirements

We only support OS X 10.7 or later intel only.

Software Requirements

Building on Mac requires the following software.

  • Xcode

If you don't need to run gui tools like about dialog, config dialog, or dictionary tool, you can omit installing Qt. Candidate window still shows without Qt. See below for the detailed information.

Get the Code

First, you'll need to download the gclient depot tool, and add depot_tools to your PATH.

cd ~/
git clone
export PATH=`pwd`/depot_tools:"$PATH"

Then, download the Mozc code from its SVN repository with the gclient command:

mkdir -p ~/work/mozc
cd ~/work/mozc
gclient config --name=. --deps-file=src/DEPS
gclient sync

This will also download source code of other programs such as googletest and Protocol Buffers. Update to the latest revision

Execute the following command to update to the latest revision.

gclient sync

Updating the tree sometimes causes a mysterious build error. Try “ clean” if it occurs.


First, you'll need to generate Xcode project using a tool called GYP, which is automatically downloaded by “gclient sync”:

cd ~/work/mozc/src
GYP_DEFINES="mac_sdk=10.7 mac_deployment_target=10.7" python gyp --noqt

You can customize the SDK version and target OS version here. Then, build and necessary files:

python build -c Release mac/mac.gyp:GoogleJapaneseInput mac/mac.gyp:gen_launchd_confs


Executables are written in ~/wok/mozc/src/out_mac/Release for Release builds, and ~/work/mozc/src/out_mac/Debug for Debug builds. For instance, you'll have ~/work/mozc/src/out_mac/Release/ once the build finishes successfully in the Release mode.

Clean up the Tree

To clean up the tree, execute the following. This will remove executables and intermediate files like object files, generated source files, project files, etc.

python clean

Install built packages

Mozc doesn't have installer mpkg files. You can just place the created into /Library/Input Methods, and out_mac/DerivedSources/Release/mac/org.mozc.inputmethod.Japanese.Converter.plist and org.mozc.inputmethod.Japanese.Renderer.plist into /Library/LaunchAgents, and then log in again. Then it works well.

sudo cp -r out_mac/Release/ /Library/Input\ Methods/
sudo cp out_mac/DerivedSources/Release/mac/org.mozc.inputmethod.Japanese.Converter.plist /Library/LaunchAgents
sudo cp out_mac/DerivedSources/Release/mac/org.mozc.inputmethod.Japanese.Renderer.plist /Library/LaunchAgents