Improvements in install target generated by CMake

There are two changes in this patch but they are related because they
both improve install target generated by CMake.

1) GNUInstallDirs is now used to determine name of the folders where
libraries and headers are installed. On RedHat based Linux
distributions, usual folder for x86-64 libraries is lib64 and not just
simply lib. GNUInstallDirs takes care of deciding which name to use.

2) Pkgconfig file was not installed when CMake was used. Adding pc file
to the installation process of CMake install target allows package
maintainers to easily provide packages which work both with pkgconfig
and CMake.

Fixes #215.

Change-Id: Icc9636039e5456df78323b7ae1b89e0d27be7fbf
Reviewed-by: Paul Wankadia <>
1 file changed