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Some notes for the Tru64 Unix 5.x port
1. Compiling
You need at least net-snmp version 5.1.3 to compile on Tru64 Unix 5.x.
Version 5.2.2 or later is recommended, see below.
The following procedure has been proven to successfully compile net-snmp on Tru64 Unix 5.1B (Alpha EV5.6) using the Compaq C 6.5 compiler:
CC=cc ./configure --with-out-mib-modules="mibII/tcpTable mibII/udpTable"
su -
make install
A recent GNU C compiler (gcc) will probably work, too.
Starting with version 5.2.2, net-snmp will build with the default options
(just "./configure" will do).
Please note that the "host" module doesn't compile on Tru64, so you *can't*
configure with "--with-mib-modules=host".
2. Testing
"make test" reports a number of problems on Tru64 Unix. It is yet to be checked
whether these are problems in the test scripts or the toolkit.
3. Feedback
Please also see README and PORTING.
If you have questions, additional insights or (even better) patches regarding
net-snmp on Tru64 Unix, please refer to the net-snmp mailing lists (see