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objects.txt syntax
To cover all the naming hacks that were previously in objects.h needed some
kind of hacks in objects.txt.
The basic syntax for adding an object is as follows:
1 2 3 4 : shortName : Long Name
If the long name doesn't contain spaces, or no short name
exists, the long name is used as basis for the base name
in C. Otherwise, the short name is used.
The base name (let's call it 'base') will then be used to
create the C macros SN_base, LN_base, NID_base and OBJ_base.
Note that if the base name contains spaces, dashes or periods,
those will be converte to underscore.
Then there are some extra commands:
!Alias foo 1 2 3 4
This juts makes a name foo for an OID. The C macro
OBJ_foo will be created as a result.
!Cname foo
This makes sure that the name foo will be used as base name
in C.
!module foo
1 2 3 4 : shortName : Long Name
The !module command was meant to define a kind of modularity.
What it does is to make sure the module name is prepended
to the base name. !global turns this off. This construction
is not recursive.
Lines starting with # are treated as comments, as well as any line starting
with ! and not matching the commands above.