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2.10a -
support for spaces in filenames.
2.00a -
Automatic feature loading (from CONFIG) has been added, this allows qmake to be
written using qmake language.
The dependency generation system has been redesigned to be faster (as over time
it had gotten slower and slower as features crept in). This new system is used
for dependency calcuation and moc detection.
qmake has been changed to allow features to be introduced without changes to
C++ sources (ie project files).
DEPENDS supported to allow hard coded dependencies (when qmake's depend are inadaquate)
$$sprintf() added to allow easy expansion of complex strings (using %1..%n)
for() iteration has been introduced to do simple looping in a qmake script.
CONFIG() test function added.
$$basename() and $$dirname() added for file manipulation.
warning() can be used in place of message() now.
improved support for subdirs with .pro's listed
support for QT added to add functionality from Qt
1.07a -
support for precompiled headers added
1.06b -
support for reading and writing libtool (.la) files
support for reading pkgconfig (.pkg) files
PWD added as an automatic variable to mean the directory
the file being parsed is in (this change required that the
directory be set to the file being parsed as well, function
tests that query relative paths will need to be relative the
file being parsed).
persistant data cache introduced
1.05a -
caching of more information (speed ups)
$$list() added to be used as a lambda function in qmake
$$files() added to allow regular expression matching
$$fromfile() added to grab one single variable value from a parsed file
$$prompt() added to allow querying for user input from qmake
include() modified to support specifying which variables to import
equals() test added to test for equality generator added [partial solution files in vcsubdirs]
1.04a -
subdirs supports multiple project files in a single directory.
1.03a -
New function $$system() to extract the value of a shell call.
1.02a -
Dependency / Mocable caching. qmake can cache these expensive operations with qmake_cache
The parser has been improved to cover more error cases, as well as more forgiving
qmake now includes a special else scope to invert the previous test
Ability to add user defined targets to UnixMakefiles.
1.01a -
New system for library linking. This system allows a user several different features:
1) libtool like library dependencies to static libraries build with qmake
2) library dependencies, when on .pro depends on another library - it will
automatically build that other library (unix makefiles only)
3) automatic detection of configurations for Qt, if CONFIG qt is specified
it will find the settings for the most recent Qt itself.
Project Builder for Mac OS X is now a supported backend for qmake.
qmake now offers a 'make uninstall' feature, to reverse the actions of a 'make install'.
qmake can now do recursive searches in project-file mode (-r option).
1.00a -
First release, shipped with Qt 3.0.
qmake ships with support for Unix make, MSVC (both dsp and nmake), Borland make.