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cgixx C++ CGI Class Library Revision
Version 1.07
- Removed a buggy compiler check from
- Fixed negation of unsigned variable (patch from Andrew D. Fernandes).
Version 1.06
- Optimized reading from STDIN to read a block of data into a buffer, instead
of reading one character at a time.
- Now throwing an exception when too much or too little data is received on the
- Upgraded to newer version of cxxtools configuration scripts, fixing
incompatability with certain versions of Perl on Linux.
- Updated to support the --bundle option, cleaned up messages, and
added path search for compiler.
Version 1.05
- Updated copyright statements.
- Cleaned up compile time warnings.
- Fixed bug in handling negative time values.
Version 1.04
- Stopped using std::string::clear and std::string::iterator for GCC 2.95.4
- Added compat.h header for extra support for GCC 2.95.x and MSVC 6.0.
Version 1.03
- Added function makesafestring to convert a string to user percent hex
notation for non-alphanumeric characters.
Version 1.02
- Fixed typo in cookie module that prevented cookie expiration from working.
Version 1.01
- Fixed error in help.
- cgixx::header.getheader() now includes a Date header.
- now creates a Makefile for the test/ directory.
Version 1.00
- Added configure/build system based on cxxtools.
Version 0.81-beta
- Fixed header::redirect() method.
Version 0.80-beta
- Fixed a serious bug which prevented POST, PUT, and HEAD methods from working.
Version 0.70-beta
- Added "make install" to src/.
- Added cgixx.h which includes all cgixx headers.
- Added redirect() method to header class.
Version 0.60-beta
- Initial Public Release.
- cgi class for accepting sessions appears to work.
- header class for generating responses appears to work.
- cookie class for generating cookies for header appears to work.