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"name": "GRKHTMLSummary",
"version": "1.2",
"summary": "Creates a plaintext rendering of HTML body content.",
"description": "A simple utility, which when given the content of an HTML file, will extract the text content from the body, stripping HTML tags, and format the plaintext in such a way as to be used as a \"preview\" of the body content.",
"homepage": "",
"license": "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License",
"authors": {
"Levi Brown": ""
"social_media_url": "",
"source": {
"git": "",
"tag": "1.2"
"platforms": {
"ios": "7.0",
"osx": "10.9"
"source_files": "GRKHTMLSummary/**/*.{h,m}",
"frameworks": "Foundation"