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"name": "UIImage-ASMPDF",
"version": "0.2",
"summary": "A category on UIImage for loading PDFs, inspired by UIImage-PDF.",
"description": " A category on UIImage which allows you to render PDFs on the fly into\n a UIImage. The work here was inspired by UIImage-PDF, but is a somewhat\n simpler implementation. UIImage-ASMPDF also has the ability to specify\n a region within the PDF to render as an image.\n",
"homepage": "",
"license": {
"type": "MIT",
"file": "LICENSE"
"authors": {
"Andy Molloy": ""
"platforms": {
"ios": null
"source": {
"git": "",
"tag": "0.2"
"source_files": "UIImage-ASMPDF/UIImage+ASMPDF/*.{h,m}",
"public_header_files": "UIImage-ASMPDF/UIImage+ASMPDF/*.h",
"requires_arc": true