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#ifndef _LIBPROC_IMPL_H_
#define _LIBPROC_IMPL_H_
#include <unistd.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include "libproc.h"
#include "symtab.h"
// data structures in this file mimic those of Solaris 8.0 - libproc's Pcontrol.h
#define BUF_SIZE (PATH_MAX + NAME_MAX + 1)
// list of shared objects
typedef struct lib_info {
char name[BUF_SIZE];
uintptr_t base;
struct symtab* symtab;
int fd; // file descriptor for lib
struct lib_info* next;
} lib_info;
// list of threads
typedef struct thread_info {
lwpid_t lwp_id;
pthread_t pthread_id; // not used cores, always -1
struct user_regs_struct regs; // not for process, core uses for caching regset
struct thread_info* next;
} thread_info;
// list of virtual memory maps
typedef struct map_info {
int fd; // file descriptor
off_t offset; // file offset of this mapping
uintptr_t vaddr; // starting virtual address
size_t memsz; // size of the mapping
struct map_info* next;
} map_info;
// vtable for ps_prochandle
typedef struct ps_prochandle_ops {
// "derived class" clean-up
void (*release)(struct ps_prochandle* ph);
// read from debuggee
bool (*p_pread)(struct ps_prochandle *ph,
uintptr_t addr, char *buf, size_t size);
// write into debuggee
bool (*p_pwrite)(struct ps_prochandle *ph,
uintptr_t addr, const char *buf , size_t size);
// get integer regset of a thread
bool (*get_lwp_regs)(struct ps_prochandle* ph, lwpid_t lwp_id, struct user_regs_struct* regs);
} ps_prochandle_ops;
// the ps_prochandle
struct core_data {
int core_fd; // file descriptor of core file
int exec_fd; // file descriptor of exec file
int interp_fd; // file descriptor of interpreter (
// part of the class sharing workaround
int classes_jsa_fd; // file descriptor of class share archive
uintptr_t dynamic_addr; // address of dynamic section of a.out
uintptr_t ld_base_addr; // base address of
size_t num_maps; // number of maps.
map_info* maps; // maps in a linked list
// part of the class sharing workaround
map_info* class_share_maps;// class share maps in a linked list
map_info** map_array; // sorted (by vaddr) array of map_info pointers
struct ps_prochandle {
ps_prochandle_ops* ops; // vtable ptr
pid_t pid;
int num_libs;
lib_info* libs; // head of lib list
lib_info* lib_tail; // tail of lib list - to append at the end
int num_threads;
thread_info* threads; // head of thread list
struct core_data* core; // data only used for core dumps, NULL for process
int pathmap_open(const char* name);
void print_debug(const char* format,...);
void print_error(const char* format,...);
bool is_debug();
typedef bool (*thread_info_callback)(struct ps_prochandle* ph, pthread_t pid, lwpid_t lwpid);
// reads thread info using libthread_db and calls above callback for each thread
bool read_thread_info(struct ps_prochandle* ph, thread_info_callback cb);
// adds a new shared object to lib list, returns NULL on failure
lib_info* add_lib_info(struct ps_prochandle* ph, const char* libname, uintptr_t base);
// adds a new shared object to lib list, supply open lib file descriptor as well
lib_info* add_lib_info_fd(struct ps_prochandle* ph, const char* libname, int fd,
uintptr_t base);
// adds a new thread to threads list, returns NULL on failure
thread_info* add_thread_info(struct ps_prochandle* ph, pthread_t pthread_id, lwpid_t lwp_id);
// a test for ELF signature without using libelf
bool is_elf_file(int fd);
#endif //_LIBPROC_IMPL_H_