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git-daemon - A really simple server for git repositories.
'git-daemon' [--verbose] [--syslog] [--inetd | --port=n] [--export-all]
[--timeout=n] [--init-timeout=n] [directory...]
A really simple TCP git daemon that normally listens on port "DEFAULT_GIT_PORT"
aka 9418. It waits for a connection, and will just execute "git-upload-pack"
when it gets one.
It's careful in that there's a magic request-line that gives the command and
what directory to upload, and it verifies that the directory is ok.
It verifies that the directory has the magic file "git-daemon-export-ok", and
it will refuse to export any git directory that hasn't explicitly been marked
for export this way (unless the '--export-all' parameter is specified). If you
pass some directory paths as 'git-daemon' arguments, you can further restrict
the offers to a whitelist comprising of those.
This is ideally suited for read-only updates, ie pulling from git repositories.
Allow pulling from all directories that look like GIT repositories
(have the 'objects' subdirectory and a 'HEAD' file), even if they
do not have the 'git-daemon-export-ok' file.
Have the server run as an inetd service.
Listen on an alternative port.
Timeout between the moment the connection is established and the
client request is received (typically a rather low value, since
that should be basically immediate).
Timeout for specific client sub-requests. This includes the time
it takes for the server to process the sub-request and time spent
waiting for next client's request.
Log to syslog instead of stderr. Note that this option does not imply
--verbose, thus by default only error conditions will be logged.
Log details about the incoming connections and requested files.
Written by Linus Torvalds <> and YOSHIFUJI Hideaki <>
Documentation by Junio C Hamano and the git-list <>.
Part of the gitlink:git[7] suite