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# git-gui branch merge support
# Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 Shawn Pearce
namespace eval merge {
proc _can_merge {} {
global HEAD commit_type file_states
if {[string match amend* $commit_type]} {
info_popup {Cannot merge while amending.
You must finish amending this commit before starting any type of merge.
return 0
if {[committer_ident] eq {}} {return 0}
if {![lock_index merge]} {return 0}
# -- Our in memory state should match the repository.
repository_state curType curHEAD curMERGE_HEAD
if {$commit_type ne $curType || $HEAD ne $curHEAD} {
info_popup {Last scanned state does not match repository state.
Another Git program has modified this repository since the last scan. A rescan must be performed before a merge can be performed.
The rescan will be automatically started now.
rescan {set ui_status_value {Ready.}}
return 0
foreach path [array names file_states] {
switch -glob -- [lindex $file_states($path) 0] {
_O {
continue; # and pray it works!
U? {
error_popup "You are in the middle of a conflicted merge.
File [short_path $path] has merge conflicts.
You must resolve them, add the file, and commit to complete the current merge. Only then can you begin another merge.
return 0
?? {
error_popup "You are in the middle of a change.
File [short_path $path] is modified.
You should complete the current commit before starting a merge. Doing so will help you abort a failed merge, should the need arise.
return 0
return 1
proc _refs {w list} {
set r {}
foreach i [$w.source.l curselection] {
lappend r [lindex [lindex $list $i] 0]
return $r
proc _visualize {w list} {
set revs [_refs $w $list]
if {$revs eq {}} return
lappend revs --not HEAD
do_gitk $revs
proc _start {w list} {
global HEAD ui_status_value current_branch
set cmd [list git merge]
set names [_refs $w $list]
set revcnt [llength $names]
append cmd { } $names
if {$revcnt == 0} {
} elseif {$revcnt == 1} {
set unit branch
} elseif {$revcnt <= 15} {
set unit branches
if {[tk_dialog \
$w.confirm_octopus \
[wm title $w] \
"Use octopus merge strategy?
You are merging $revcnt branches at once. This requires using the octopus merge driver, which may not succeed if there are file-level conflicts.
" \
question \
0 \
{Cancel} \
{Use octopus} \
] != 1} return
} else {
tk_messageBox \
-icon error \
-type ok \
-title [wm title $w] \
-parent $w \
-message "Too many branches selected.
You have requested to merge $revcnt branches in an octopus merge. This exceeds Git's internal limit of 15 branches per merge.
Please select fewer branches. To merge more than 15 branches, merge the branches in batches.
set msg "Merging $current_branch, [join $names {, }]"
set ui_status_value "$msg..."
set cons [console::new "Merge" $msg]
console::exec $cons $cmd [namespace code [list _finish $revcnt]]
bind $w <Destroy> {}
destroy $w
proc _finish {revcnt w ok} {
console::done $w $ok
if {$ok} {
set msg {Merge completed successfully.}
} else {
if {$revcnt != 1} {
info_popup "Octopus merge failed.
Your merge of $revcnt branches has failed.
There are file-level conflicts between the branches which must be resolved manually.
The working directory will now be reset.
You can attempt this merge again by merging only one branch at a time." $w
set fd [open "| git read-tree --reset -u HEAD" r]
fconfigure $fd -blocking 0 -translation binary
fileevent $fd readable \
[namespace code [list _reset_wait $fd]]
set ui_status_value {Aborting... please wait...}
set msg {Merge failed. Conflict resolution is required.}
rescan [list set ui_status_value $msg]
proc dialog {} {
global current_branch
if {![_can_merge]} return
set fmt {list %(objectname) %(*objectname) %(refname) %(subject)}
set cmd [list git for-each-ref --tcl --format=$fmt]
lappend cmd refs/heads
lappend cmd refs/remotes
lappend cmd refs/tags
set fr_fd [open "| $cmd" r]
fconfigure $fr_fd -translation binary
while {[gets $fr_fd line] > 0} {
set line [eval $line]
set ref [lindex $line 2]
regsub ^refs/(heads|remotes|tags)/ $ref {} ref
set subj($ref) [lindex $line 3]
lappend sha1([lindex $line 0]) $ref
if {[lindex $line 1] ne {}} {
lappend sha1([lindex $line 1]) $ref
close $fr_fd
set to_show {}
set fr_fd [open "| git rev-list --all --not HEAD"]
while {[gets $fr_fd line] > 0} {
if {[catch {set ref $sha1($line)}]} continue
foreach n $ref {
lappend to_show [list $n $line]
close $fr_fd
set to_show [lsort -unique $to_show]
set w .merge_setup
toplevel $w
wm geometry $w "+[winfo rootx .]+[winfo rooty .]"
label $w.header \
-text "Merge Into $current_branch" \
-font font_uibold
pack $w.header -side top -fill x
frame $w.buttons
button $w.buttons.visualize -text Visualize \
-command [namespace code [list _visualize $w $to_show]]
pack $w.buttons.visualize -side left
button $w.buttons.create -text Merge \
-command [namespace code [list _start $w $to_show]]
pack $w.buttons.create -side right
button $w.buttons.cancel -text {Cancel} \
-command [list destroy $w]
pack $w.buttons.cancel -side right -padx 5
pack $w.buttons -side bottom -fill x -pady 10 -padx 10
labelframe $w.source -text {Source Branches}
listbox $w.source.l \
-height 10 \
-width 70 \
-font font_diff \
-selectmode extended \
-yscrollcommand [list $w.source.sby set]
scrollbar $w.source.sby -command [list $w.source.l yview]
pack $w.source.sby -side right -fill y
pack $w.source.l -side left -fill both -expand 1
pack $w.source -fill both -expand 1 -pady 5 -padx 5
foreach ref $to_show {
set n [lindex $ref 0]
if {[string length $n] > 20} {
set n "[string range $n 0 16]..."
$w.source.l insert end [format {%s %-20s %s} \
[string range [lindex $ref 1] 0 5] \
$n \
$subj([lindex $ref 0])]
bind $w <Visibility> "grab $w; focus $w.source.l"
bind $w <Key-Escape> "unlock_index;destroy $w"
bind $w <Destroy> unlock_index
wm title $w "[appname] ([reponame]): Merge"
tkwait window $w
proc reset_hard {} {
global HEAD commit_type file_states
if {[string match amend* $commit_type]} {
info_popup {Cannot abort while amending.
You must finish amending this commit.
if {![lock_index abort]} return
if {[string match *merge* $commit_type]} {
set op merge
} else {
set op commit
if {[ask_popup "Abort $op?
Aborting the current $op will cause *ALL* uncommitted changes to be lost.
Continue with aborting the current $op?"] eq {yes}} {
set fd [open "| git read-tree --reset -u HEAD" r]
fconfigure $fd -blocking 0 -translation binary
fileevent $fd readable [namespace code [list _reset_wait $fd]]
set ui_status_value {Aborting... please wait...}
} else {
proc _reset_wait {fd} {
global ui_comm
read $fd
if {[eof $fd]} {
close $fd
$ui_comm delete 0.0 end
$ui_comm edit modified false
catch {file delete [gitdir MERGE_HEAD]}
catch {file delete [gitdir rr-cache MERGE_RR]}
catch {file delete [gitdir SQUASH_MSG]}
catch {file delete [gitdir MERGE_MSG]}
catch {file delete [gitdir GITGUI_MSG]}
rescan {set ui_status_value {Abort completed. Ready.}}