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Append this string to each commit message. Set to empty string
to disable this feature. Defaults to "via git-CVS emulator".
Whether the CVS server interface is enabled for this repository.
See linkgit:git-cvsserver[1].
Path to a log file where the CVS server interface well... logs
various stuff. See linkgit:git-cvsserver[1].
If true, the server will look up the end-of-line conversion
attributes for files to determine the `-k` modes to use. If
the attributes force Git to treat a file as text,
the `-k` mode will be left blank so CVS clients will
treat it as text. If they suppress text conversion, the file
will be set with '-kb' mode, which suppresses any newline munging
the client might otherwise do. If the attributes do not allow
the file type to be determined, then `gitcvs.allBinary` is
used. See linkgit:gitattributes[5].
This is used if `gitcvs.usecrlfattr` does not resolve
the correct '-kb' mode to use. If true, all
unresolved files are sent to the client in
mode '-kb'. This causes the client to treat them
as binary files, which suppresses any newline munging it
otherwise might do. Alternatively, if it is set to "guess",
then the contents of the file are examined to decide if
it is binary, similar to `core.autocrlf`.
Database used by git-cvsserver to cache revision information
derived from the Git repository. The exact meaning depends on the
used database driver, for SQLite (which is the default driver) this
is a filename. Supports variable substitution (see
linkgit:git-cvsserver[1] for details). May not contain semicolons (`;`).
Default: '%Ggitcvs.%m.sqlite'
Used Perl DBI driver. You can specify any available driver
for this here, but it might not work. git-cvsserver is tested
with 'DBD::SQLite', reported to work with 'DBD::Pg', and
reported *not* to work with 'DBD::mysql'. Experimental feature.
May not contain double colons (`:`). Default: 'SQLite'.
See linkgit:git-cvsserver[1].
gitcvs.dbUser, gitcvs.dbPass::
Database user and password. Only useful if setting `gitcvs.dbDriver`,
since SQLite has no concept of database users and/or passwords.
'gitcvs.dbUser' supports variable substitution (see
linkgit:git-cvsserver[1] for details).
Database table name prefix. Prepended to the names of any
database tables used, allowing a single database to be used
for several repositories. Supports variable substitution (see
linkgit:git-cvsserver[1] for details). Any non-alphabetic
characters will be replaced with underscores.
All gitcvs variables except for `gitcvs.usecrlfattr` and
`gitcvs.allBinary` can also be specified as
'gitcvs.<access_method>.<varname>' (where 'access_method'
is one of "ext" and "pserver") to make them apply only for the given
access method.