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In interactive commands, allow the user to provide one-letter
input with a single key (i.e., without hitting enter).
Currently this is used by the `--patch` mode of
linkgit:git-add[1], linkgit:git-checkout[1],
linkgit:git-restore[1], linkgit:git-commit[1],
linkgit:git-reset[1], and linkgit:git-stash[1]. Note that this
setting is silently ignored if portable keystroke input
is not available; requires the Perl module Term::ReadKey.
When an interactive command (such as `git add --patch`) shows
a colorized diff, git will pipe the diff through the shell
command defined by this configuration variable. The command may
mark up the diff further for human consumption, provided that it
retains a one-to-one correspondence with the lines in the
original diff. Defaults to disabled (no filtering).