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#include "cache.h"
#include "refs.h"
#include "builtin.h"
#include "parse-options.h"
static const char * const git_update_ref_usage[] = {
"git-update-ref [options] -d <refname> <oldval>",
"git-update-ref [options] <refname> <newval> [<oldval>]",
int cmd_update_ref(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
const char *refname, *value, *oldval, *msg=NULL;
unsigned char sha1[20], oldsha1[20];
int delete = 0, no_deref = 0;
struct option options[] = {
OPT_STRING( 'm', NULL, &msg, "reason", "reason of the update"),
OPT_BOOLEAN('d', NULL, &delete, "deletes the reference"),
OPT_BOOLEAN( 0 , "no-deref", &no_deref,
"update <refname> not the one it points to"),
argc = parse_options(argc, argv, options, git_update_ref_usage, 0);
if (msg && !*msg)
die("Refusing to perform update with empty message.");
if (argc < 2 || argc > 3)
usage_with_options(git_update_ref_usage, options);
refname = argv[0];
value = argv[1];
oldval = argv[2];
if (get_sha1(value, sha1))
die("%s: not a valid SHA1", value);
if (delete) {
if (oldval)
usage_with_options(git_update_ref_usage, options);
return delete_ref(refname, sha1);
if (oldval && *oldval && get_sha1(oldval, oldsha1))
die("%s: not a valid old SHA1", oldval);
return update_ref(msg, refname, sha1, oldval ? oldsha1 : NULL,
no_deref ? REF_NODEREF : 0, DIE_ON_ERR);