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#ifndef WALKER_H
#define WALKER_H
#include "remote.h"
struct walker {
void *data;
int (*fetch_ref)(struct walker *, char *ref, unsigned char *sha1);
void (*prefetch)(struct walker *, unsigned char *sha1);
int (*fetch)(struct walker *, unsigned char *sha1);
void (*cleanup)(struct walker *);
int get_tree;
int get_history;
int get_all;
int get_verbosely;
int get_recover;
int corrupt_object_found;
/* Report what we got under get_verbosely */
void walker_say(struct walker *walker, const char *, const char *);
/* Load pull targets from stdin */
int walker_targets_stdin(char ***target, const char ***write_ref);
/* Free up loaded targets */
void walker_targets_free(int targets, char **target, const char **write_ref);
/* If write_ref is set, the ref filename to write the target value to. */
/* If write_ref_log_details is set, additional text will appear in the ref log. */
int walker_fetch(struct walker *impl, int targets, char **target,
const char **write_ref, const char *write_ref_log_details);
void walker_free(struct walker *walker);
struct walker *get_http_walker(const char *url, struct remote *remote);
#endif /* WALKER_H */