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#include "repository.h"
struct object_id;
* Promisor remote linked list
* Information in its fields come from remote.XXX config entries or
* from extensions.partialclone or core.partialclonefilter.
struct promisor_remote {
struct promisor_remote *next;
const char *partial_clone_filter;
const char name[FLEX_ARRAY];
void promisor_remote_reinit(void);
struct promisor_remote *promisor_remote_find(const char *remote_name);
int has_promisor_remote(void);
int promisor_remote_get_direct(struct repository *repo,
const struct object_id *oids,
int oid_nr);
* This should be used only once from setup.c to set the value we got
* from the extensions.partialclone config option.
void set_repository_format_partial_clone(char *partial_clone);
#endif /* PROMISOR_REMOTE_H */