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#ifndef TREE_WALK_H
#define TREE_WALK_H
struct name_entry {
const unsigned char *sha1;
const char *path;
unsigned int mode;
struct tree_desc {
const void *buffer;
struct name_entry entry;
unsigned int size;
static inline const unsigned char *tree_entry_extract(struct tree_desc *desc, const char **pathp, unsigned int *modep)
*pathp = desc->entry.path;
*modep = canon_mode(desc->entry.mode);
return desc->entry.sha1;
static inline int tree_entry_len(const char *name, const unsigned char *sha1)
return (const char *)sha1 - name - 1;
void update_tree_entry(struct tree_desc *);
void init_tree_desc(struct tree_desc *desc, const void *buf, unsigned long size);
* Helper function that does both tree_entry_extract() and update_tree_entry()
* and returns true for success
int tree_entry(struct tree_desc *, struct name_entry *);
void *fill_tree_descriptor(struct tree_desc *desc, const unsigned char *sha1);
struct traverse_info;
typedef int (*traverse_callback_t)(int n, unsigned long mask, unsigned long dirmask, struct name_entry *entry, struct traverse_info *);
int traverse_trees(int n, struct tree_desc *t, struct traverse_info *info);
struct traverse_info {
struct traverse_info *prev;
struct name_entry name;
int pathlen;
unsigned long conflicts;
traverse_callback_t fn;
void *data;
int show_all_errors;
int get_tree_entry(const unsigned char *, const char *, unsigned char *, unsigned *);
extern char *make_traverse_path(char *path, const struct traverse_info *info, const struct name_entry *n);
extern void setup_traverse_info(struct traverse_info *info, const char *base);
static inline int traverse_path_len(const struct traverse_info *info, const struct name_entry *n)
return info->pathlen + tree_entry_len(n->path, n->sha1);
extern int tree_entry_interesting(const struct name_entry *, struct strbuf *, int, const struct pathspec *ps);